Mercury, the planet governing communications, business and organizations has entered its own sign of Gemini on 25th May. It will stay in Gemini for long period of time till 25th august forming conjunction with Rahu.Due to afflictions to major planets, the world is witnessing a never-ending crisis. The businesses are suffering a lot all these days but this transit of mercury through Gemini can help you establish your online business. Mercury is the key planet for internet and online business.

Even software tycoons like bill gates have Gemini as a lagan and well-placed mercury. As brick mortar models of business are failing, Rahu-mercury conjunction can be helpful in taking the business online. You can utilize this time for growing your business through multiple means as mercury is in dual sign. Mercury is a planet of analyzation and organization also. But as Rahu is conjunct mercury, it can create hurdles in the path too. Govt may not take apt decisions due to wrong analyzation of the situation and this can worsen the COVID-19 impact on India. New technological advancements such as video-conferencing software’s and android apps could also peep up as mercury is in intellectual sign of Gemini.

This long stay of mercury can exaggerate communication issues especially when mercury becomes retrograde. Cross border tensions can increase due to mis-understandings as Rahu is also present with this mercury. The ongoing China-India dispute regarding the borders can take an ugly shape during this time.Govt. will need a good strategical move for defeating China in this border dispute and business too.


1.Pray to lord Ganesha on Wednesday for education.

2.Chant Vishnu Sahasranama on Wednesday.

3.Water Tulsi plant daily.

4.Offer green fodder to cows on Wednesday.

5.Donate books to needy children and students.

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