Nagas means Serpents or snake Gods and Panchmi refers to 5th lunar day according to Pachanga. Nag Panchmi is celebrated on 5th lunar day as the panchmi Tithi is itself dedicated to snake Gods. Well, we might have read or heard about worshipping snakes but how many of us know that what are the historical and astrological references.

So, let’s start and learn about esoteric secrets of Nagas. According to the mythology, Nagas were born to Sage Kashyapa and her wife Kadru.Sage kashyapa has many wives and each one of them gave birth to different life forms. Aditi, one of Kashyapa’s wife give birth to 12 sun Gods. As Nagas share their origin with devas, therefore they are also prayed upon as divine beings and their blessings are necessary for welfare of society.

Nagas are the rulers of the patal-loka i.e., under-ground things. In other words, everything which is below the surface of the earth is ruled by nagas. Well, the story behind nagas getting patal-loka is also interesting. Once humans complained Lord Brahma about nagas fierce attacks and the trouble caused by them to mankind. On hearing this, Lord Brahma cursed the Naga community. The serpent God’s then seek forgiveness from Lord Brahma laying down the fact that wickedness is in their creation. Lord Brahma then gave them boon of Patal-loka i.e., a different underground world where they can reside. Therefore, Nagas rule over anything that is hidden under the ground. In ancient times, wealth was also stored under the ground and nagas worked as custodian. The 7th door of India’s richest Padmanabhaswamy temple is said to be protected by snakes only. Its door has image of two large cobras and it is believed that anyone who tries to open it will suffer in hands of snakes.

Nagas are custodians over secret wealth and knowledge which cannot be deciphered by a common man. They have great occult powers which can be used for healing people. In astrological terms, Nagas are often related with Ketu and sarpas are related with Rahu.We all know that nodes have capability to put us in trouble regarding the areas represented by houses where they are placed. However, if their energies are channeled properly, then they can bless us immensely both materially and spiritually.

In reality, all have poisons of nagas within us. The poison of immense desires inside us create imbalances in tatwas due to which various issues arise in life. These poisions are often depicted in the chart through various planetary combinations. For example- Ashlesha nakshatra is directly related to nagas and inhibit all qualities related to serpents. But don’t rush to conclusions by seeing planets in this nakshatra. Sometimes well-placed planets can give you abundant of wealth too.We should not forget that Lord Vishnu is always sitting with the shesha naga which shows that nagas have an important role to play on this planet.

Nag Panchami Rituals

2.This day is an extremely important day to donate. Giving away our wealth and time is an age old remedy to get rid of bad karmas committed in the past.

3.Rudrabhishekam on naag panchmi holds a special importance as Lord shiva always wear a snake in his neck and therefore nagas are also deciphered as divine beings.

4.The day is very good to perform remedies of Rahu and Ketu.Specifically,you can worship Goddess Durga and Shri Ganesha for blessings of Rahu and Ketu.

5.Rahu and ketu related afflictions can also be managed through knowledge of tatwas. Nurning incense sticks for Rahu(Vayu Tatwa) and lighting a lamp for Ketu (Agni tatwa) will be quite helpful.

6.There is also a tradition of donating nagas idols made from silver or other metals to the temple.It is believed that this will help us mitigate from the curse of the snakes if any from past birth.

7.We should also not undertaken any under- ground digging during this time as nagas are owners of patal loka and this may put them in danger.Therfore,restrict yourself from any under-ground construction activity during this time.

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