Naga Panchami — 25 July 2020

Nag Panchami is a traditional worship offered to serpents. It is offered on the fifth day of the bright half of Lunar month of Shravana. In this year, 2020 it is falling on 25th July. The meaning of Naga is vast and enormous, and it is not just limited to snakes. The transformational forces operating outside and within us are all forms of Nagas. They are nothing but pure awareness. The most important is the Kundalini Shakti (coiled serpent) within us. So Naga Panchami is a day to honor these transformational forces and not just limited to the worship of snakes.

Naga Panchami on July 25, 2020

Panchami Tithi Begins -14:34: on Jul 24, 2020

Panchami Tithi Ends -12:02: on Jul 25, 2020

Nag Panchami Puja Time — 05:07 AM to 07:43 AM

The lunar nodes(Rahu & Ketu) represent serpents. Rahu is connected to the sarpas and Ketu is connected to the nagas. They are mystical creatures full of wisdom and hidden treasures. If you have issues related to Rahu & Ketu like Kaal Sarpa dosha or if you are running Rahu or Ketu mahadasha / antar dasha or if you have Rahu/Ketu transiting over natal planets then it is highly effective to worship the Nagas on Naga Panchmi to get their blessings to bring balance and prosperity into lives.

  1. Worship the Shivling of the planet Rahu with the mantra “Aum Namah Shivay Namo Nageshwaraya” and Ketu with the mantra “Aum Namah Shivay Namochami Viswanthaya.”

2. Feed Sattvic food to people who are less fortunate than you. Rahu and Ketu represent poisons. It is best to avoid feeding toxic/poisonous food to people. Alchohol, Non-vegetarian food, etc are all considered poisonous.

3. Worship Lord Ganesha with the mantra — “Aum Gam Ganapataye Namaha”. Lord Ganesha is also the deity associated with Ketu.

4. Read Sarp Sukt.



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