Navratri: Best 9 days to heal your Rahu energy

3 min readOct 3, 2021

Goddess Durga is worshipped in Bharat and many other parts of globe during the 9 days of Navratri. The planet associated with Goddess Durga is Rahu.It is a very powerful shadow planet which entangles a human mind in the cobweb of desires. Rahu has a subtle influence on all humans in form of Maya which has made our life complex. It gives power to our greed and lust which is the main reason for the frustrations & unhappiness in this world.

Goddess Durga is all powerful and travels on a grand lion. Lion is the king of the jungle and a ferocious wild animal. But still Goddess Durga has comfortably tamed such a difficult animal. This clearly highlights that she is supreme in power and strength. Rahu, the significator of never-ending desires need to be tamed well for a blissful life. Here Durga comes to the rescue of all her devotees who selflessly sang her praises in form of mantras, homas or Durga Saptashati.

Rahu can give you huge problems in life especially in relationship, career and health. Rahu is the planet which like excesses (everything in excess) as it is not satisfied with limited power, money and fame. You might have seen people whose fortunes turn overnight rags to riches. Rahu has. such a power to given sudden wealth and losses. When Rahu is forming malefic yogas in the chart, then you are devoid of happiness and wealth. It drives your mind endlessly and many a times, people will strong Rahu affliction resorts towards cheating and unethical ways. It lures our mind with a fog which never allows us to witness the realities of the outside world.

Rahu creates conflicts in our personal relationships in accordance with the house it transits. There can be a job loss, break in relationship or some serious health issue during this time for people having afflicted Rahu in natal chart.

We strongly recommend that you should control the horses of your desires by chanting Durga- Saptashati with full devotion during Navratri. Our desires can be in any area-might be related to more money, sexual desires, career goals, relationships etc. Its important to give directions to our energies and think wisely otherwise Rahu which is only a head of demon will do this job. In this Navratri, help taming our desires and heal the Rahu in our chart to get rewarded in the best manner!

Don’t forget that Rahu as a planet is not bad.It can make you a spiritualist and a monk too. But its really upto us that how we control our flow of thoughts. Give power to only those thoughts which are beneficial for all mankind and then see the magic!

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