Our Exclusive Puja Services : We are the brand that people trust

Again and again, we are asked what procedure we follow to conduct puja? What is our approach of puja? We follow the most natural and eco-friendly procedures to conduct all the Vedic rituals. we believe in bringing the strength of the Divine into our lives and giving strength to Mother Nature with my eco-friendly puja ways. The team of pundits, under our guidance, conducts the most hassle-free puja as my team takes complete responsibility for all things required in the ritual.

Our Team, Our Strength:

It is the collective effort that makes the puja successful. When we chant Mantras in mass, it generates the most positive and effective vibration. Education always reflects itself. It’s true because pundits in my team are well versed in Vedic Mantras and they chant each syllable of the Mantra with proper pronunciation. They are always dressed as the occasion demands. We give better results because we believe that good teamwork generates a powerful and positive environment needed for the divine atmosphere.

The Puja Procedure that we Follow:

we know that mostly today’s youth is not very comfortable with the Sanskrit language. So, it’s for their convenience and understanding we explain the deep meaning of Mantras in English too. we are raised in an atmosphere where values and traditions were most important, we want to spread the knowledge and want people to understand the importance of values in their life. we also know what the real meaning of puja is and consider it as our responsibility to spread and pass on this knowledge to as many people as we can.

Pt.Gajanan Krishna JI Maharaj And Pt. Vasudev JI Tiwari are the 9th lineage of the astrologer family and we are following the values taught by our ancestors. During the puja, we always explain the simplified meaning of the mantras and the actual benefit to be derived from them. we, together with our team, have expertise in conducting all types of puja, as narrated in our Vedas and Holy Scriptures.

Our Perspective:

After rigorously studying the Ved Shastra and Puran for years, now we have become a medium to benefit the people. we explain to them the religious as well as the spiritual meaning behind the puja. Until proper and ritualistic procedures are followed, the ultimate aim and result are never achieved. I follow complete and proper procedure, and give a complete explanation to people while conducting puja. For the benefit and convenience of people, we also provide a puja package.

To conclude, we follow what our heart says and what awareness we have been given by my venerable Guru and our respected bade Guruji (Pt. Laxminarayan Ji Tiwari). we adhere to all rules mentioned in our Sashtras so that you could derive maximum and complete benefit from the puja.

Note : To book grah pravesh (housewarming), navgrah shanti, yagya, vedic musical wedding and ither auspicious puja, call us on 9966667290, 9441127723, 9666633318

- Srinath Jyotish Karyalay, Hyderabad



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