Jupiter is the karaka for wealth,education, children and marriage (for women).It is significator of 5 bhavas-2,5,9,10,11(7th house additionally in female horoscope).If Jupiter is strong then it signifies good wealth, past life merit,prosperity,progress in career and gains. If Jupiter is weak, then it can create problems in education, speech, marriage (particularly for women), stomach issues and problems to child.

Jupiter own two houses-Sagittarius and Pisces. Sagittarius is a dharmic sign and mooltrikona sign of Jupiter. The tree associated with Jupiter and Sagittarius is PEEPAL TREE also known as ASHWATA VRUKSHA.

As per ancient scriptures, roots of peepal tree represents brahma, the trunk represents Vishnu and the sub-branches &leaves are Shiva. Atharveda regard PEEPAL tree as paradise of Gods. Peepal tree is great source of oxygen. It produces oxygen even during the night due to special photosynthesis called Crassulacean Acid Metabolism(CAM).Through worshipping Peepal tree, you can active positive energy of Jupiter.

For marriage-Worship peepal tree on Friday by going around it 6 times and tieing a white thread around it.

For education, health and children-Go around the peepal tree on Thursday 5 times and tie yellow thread on the tree. Pray to trimurti for longevity of children and good health.

For wealth-Saturdays are best for worshipping peepal tree in order to attain wealth. Watering peepal tree on Saturday can give you blessings of Goddess Lakshmi. Go around the peepal tree 7 times and tie dark blue thread on the tree.

The importance of peepal tree can be highlighted from the fact that Lord Krishna died under peepal tree and Kaliyug started. Krishna has remarked, ‘Among the trees I am Ashwatta’



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