Planet in 12th House and its effect

3 min readAug 7, 2020

Planets in 12th house of your Astro chart has hidden powers and it represents a world of the collective unconscious. The planet in 12th house gives you both type of result, if you manage to tap into its power, you’d achieve the purpose of your birth, but if you suppress its desire, you would lose part of yourself. Planet in 12th house relates more to spirituality than materialistic things. Let’s discuss the effect of planets in the 12th house.

Sun in 12th house:

You may feel that people don’t really understand you and you are better off alone. You like to help those who are suffering or in need of help. Sun in 12th house could cause health problems to father and/or problems in your relationship with father. You would flourish away from home.

Moon in 12th House:

You have a gift to understand people, you understand what they are thinking and you have a good intuition. While you are attentive to others, you should also honour your own needs and emotions. It is a possibility that you had a complex relationship with your mother where you had to play the part of the parent. You should stay away from alcohol.

Mercury in 12th House:

You find yourself unable to communicate your feelings and emotions. Highly creative, could become an excellent writer. Imagination and creativity run high so you don’t like practical training of any sort. Usually, you perceive people for what they are.

Mars in 12th House:

You have a lot of suppressed anger inside. Suppressed anger could harm your relationships, so it’s better to communicate about what you feel. You feel protective towards others, even willing to sacrifice to protect others.

Venus in 12th House:

Repressed love and inability to express. This could have come due to the way of upbringing. Generally, you are not very lucky in finding love. The person will have secret affairs with people who are already married or have addiction issues. You must understand that unconditional love might not be possible in today’s world.

Jupiter in 12th House:

It is a possibility that problems in life have pushed you towards spirituality and you are seeking answers there. Jupiter in 12th house is associated with a ‘guardian angel’, means someone is looking after you and saving you from negative effects of 12th house. You need to help others through spiritual means. The more you help others, the more you will find yourself near to your guardian angel. You like to be alone and usually willing to sacrifice for spirituality.

Saturn in 12th House:

It represents a hidden part of you that can take charge away from you. Slowly you would feel that you have no control over your life and others are controlling you. You might feel powerless and become resentful. To turn this in to positive, you have to learn to take responsibility for your choices. You have a serious attitude and you like when someone reaches out to you for help. Go easy on yourself and understand that hiding depression is never good. Your full potential will emerge after 36 years of age.

Rahu (North Node) in 12th House:

You have a wild imagination and vivid dreams, and you love exotic places and foreign destinations. You want to live away from the birthplace. Sometimes Rahu in 12th house makes a person psychic. You tend to like addictive things so you should be careful about smoking and alcohol. Trust your dreams and visions.

Ketu (South Node) in 12th House:

You like to work from the shadows, always behind the scene but very reliable. You are born with psychic abilities and you are very intuitive; you do not like to express your true self to others. You might have strained relationship with father or father figure in life. You will eventually seek a spiritual connection to the world.

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