Qualities a Good Astrologer

Astrologers guide us through tough times. They help us sail in a safer boat and pass through the storms of our lives. Astrology is the art as well as science that have its basis on one’s present while accounting for the past karmas, as well.

The study of astrology requires in-depth knowledge of planets and other celestial bodies and the astrologers should possess the following qualities for having good command over this field:

*Be just and honest.

*Be positive, encouraging and hopeful.

*Be humble.

*Be faithful.

*Be generous and not greedy.

*Be modest and uncomplacent.

*Be impartial in your approach.

*Be flexible and let your failures be your guide of the future.

*Always inspire others.

*Destiny cannot be changed but positive effects can be multiplied and negative effects can be reduced.

*Adopt Sativik lifestyle.

*Pray for those with troubles.

*Follow client’s secrecy.

*Avoid doing astrological analysis on the days on Amavasya, Purnima and eclipse days.

*Have belief in your suggested remedies.

*Suggest remedies that are practical, feasible and easily adaptable.

  • Try to suggest remedies that are beneficial to needy people, like:
  • -For Rahu feed lepers
  • -For Saturn feed blinds.
  • -For Ketu feed dogs.
  • -For Rahu and Saturn both feed cows.
  • -For Mercury and Jupiter both, disperse either books or study materials.
  • -For Mars donate blood and medicines.
  • An astrologer is an angle for people with troubles. He is also the healer of past karmas and a guide to spiritualism. Try to follow the principles of astrology and avoid giving your verdicts because, as I stated earlier, a good astrologer is an angle at bad times