What Is The Effect Of Rahu Transit Pisces 2023 For All Ascendants?

4 min readAug 2, 2023


Rahu will transit the sign of Pisces from 30th October leaving the Martian sign of Aries. This transit is very important as it marks the end of Rahu Jupiter combination and start of new cosmic cycle with Rahu back in 12th house. Rahu is a foreign element and being in the 12th house of the zodiac , it’s promoting the characteristics related to foreign i.e. settlement in foreign countries, partnership in foreign lands, finding foreign spouse etc.
As Jupiter is free from the clutches of Rahu, it can bless us with more gifts in abundance. So let’s see how Rahu’s transit will unfold from various ascendants!

Rahu will be transiting 12th house for Aries Lagna or moon sign. Finally, Rahu has left the lagna which makes the Aries ascendant free from confusion and worries. A good time to relocate to foreign country. There can be huge expenditures and financial planning regarding investments too. In case you are working for foreign MNC, then you might get some increment in job.

Rahu will be transiting the 11th house for Taurus ascendant this transit is going to be favorable for financial gains. You will get a lot of opportunities to kick start new startups or any business. Moving to any foreign country due to a job in MNC is also possible. Your desires and aspirations will also boom resulting in dissatisfaction too.


Rahu is transiting the 10th house from your ascendant. It is good yoga for achieving new heights in business. But u will become a workaholic due to which health will suffer. Also you need to be quite alert in order to safeguard your profession from any cheater , any online scam etc.
Keep an eye on your karma as Rahu creates illusion and u might take wrong decisions and directions during this time!

Cancer :

Rahu is transiting the 9th house of your chart. This is a favorable placement for visiting foreign lands but Rahu is in Marana Karaka Sthana too. Jupiter being in the 10th house can give opportunities in career. Also a good yoga for overall growth and name & fame.

Leo :

Rahu is transiting the 8th house of your chart. Rahu in 8th causes unwanted fears and agonies. You might be interested in occult and astrology. There can be certain health issues which are constantly impacting your mental health too. Some undetected disease might come to light. Your relation with in-laws can take a drastic turn.
In all , you need to take caution and don’t get manipulated due to illusions of Rahu.

Virgo :
Rahu is transiting the 7th house for you. The transit of Rahu over the 7th house is not bad as it is often told. It can be highly rewarding based upon depositor. As Jupiter will transit to Taurus i.e. 9th house in 2024 , therefore this Rahu will start giving good results. However , you should always make informed decisions in case you are in a partnership business!

Libra :
Rahu is transiting the 6th house for Libra natives. This will be a favorable transit as Rahu will help you to fight off the enemies and diseases also. In 7th house, it was adversely impacting your mind and business relations. You were always in a dilemma but as Rahu will transit Pisces , it will be a major relief.


Rahu is transiting the 5th house for Scorpio natives. This will be an average transit as Rahu will impact the intelligence of the person. Children need to be focused and grounded during this time otherwise Rahu will actually lead to lack of concentration!


Rahu is transiting the 4th house for Sagittarius ascendant. This transit can act negatively as Lagna and 4th house have the same depositors and Rahu in 4th house can create dissatisfaction. Rahu will also impact the results of Jupiter but as Rahu is leaving Jupiter, therefore clarity of thought can be seen. You might change your residence and shift to some other place. This is good news for your love life and relationship as Rahu will not be impacting it anymore. However, u need to take care of mother and motherly figures during this time!


Rahu is transiting 3rd house for Capricorn ascendant. A very good transit for new initiatives and starting something afresh. Rahu was actually haunting you for long as the home environment was not conducive. You were facing a lot of challenges but Rahu’s transit in 3rd will actually resolve these issues. Your mental health will improve and you will feel good at home environment!


Rahu is transiting 2nd house of finances and this will actually create a lot of wealth if your natal Jupiter is well placed. Rahu can make rags to riches stories here i.e. it can give a substantial amount of wealth in permanent form. However, you need to keep a tap on your desires and take family decisions fairly.


Rahu is transiting 1st house of Pisces ascendant. The illusions of Rahu can dissuade you from the real purpose of life and you might become selfish during this time. Also, Pisces is a watery sign and Rahu may feel lost making you confused and unable to take decisions!

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