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The most important transit of the year is here knocking at our door. The nodes are going to enter their signs on September 23, 2020.Rahu is going to its exalted sign of Taurus whereas Ketu will be entering its co-ruled sign Scorpio.

Before coming to the transit results, lets first understand Rahu and Ketu. In most simple words, Rahu is your desires and the illusion surrounding you. On other hand, ketu is detachment from the worldly Maya. Rahu is pomp and show whereas ketu is serenity and loneliness.

This Rahu ketu transit will have serious impact on Covid -19 spread and it is believed that there may be some major improvements related to vaccine and world will again become normal. The other reason behind it is that Rahu in Taurus will promotes luxury, entertainment and fashion. Also, ketu leaving Mula is another good indicator but it is also vulnerable in Scorpio. We should also note that Taurus Scorpio axis is return of Rahu ketu in India’s natal chart and it is not good for internal peace as religious clashes will become common.

Ascendant wise prediction for Rahu ketu transit:


Rahu is going to transit its exalted sign Taurus which will provide you with lot of new income opportunities. You will become manipulative at speech. Rahu will behave favorable for the family relations given your natal Rahu supports it. However, Rahu also has the potential to create tensions in the family life and some rift with relatives. On the negative side, it can bring indulgence.

Ketu, the moksha karaka will transit through your 8th house. There can be sudden rise in expenses. You need to take care of your health especially diseases related to lower side of abdomen such as piles, fissures, urinary tract infections etc. There can be arguments with spouse related to finances.


As Rahu is coming to the ascendant, you will have lot of power at your disposal to manifest your ideas. If natal Rahu is powerful, you can travel to new locations and break out of your comfort zone. You will think about material aspects of things

However, ketu in 7th also indicates some losses in business and rifts in partnership. But if you give appropriate time to your relationships. Scorpio is the sign of devotion and it needs you to put your hard work for giving out good results.


Rahu, the significator of material pleasures is transiting your 12th house of moksha and ketu, the moksha karaka is transiting your 6th house of finances. This mismatch of energies can give birth to significant events and change of energies.

Rahu here can give travels to foreign places and far off lands. Foreign settlement is also on cards. Mind travels and odd dreams can’t be ruled out.


Rahu is transiting 11th house of partnerships. It’s positive for job promotions and income enhancement. Your social circle will widen with new professional contacts on your list. It’s time for investments and profitable business deals provided your natal Rahu is strong.

Ketu is transiting 5th house leading to some issues with relationship. If mars is also related then surgery related to childbirth or stomach region can’t be ruled out. Its not a good time to get into a love relationship.


Rahu is transiting your 10th house of profession and career. New opportunities will be coming your way. But as Rahu is mischievous planet, there may be some foul play in the workplace environment. You should try to maintain good relations with your bosses and sub-ordinates.

You may face some issues in your domestic life. Internal peace and happiness might get compromised. Take care of your health mainly the chest region if your natal ketu is not good.


Rahu in 9th house is at Marna karaka sthana. It doesn’t perform well in the house of dharma as Rahu is the foggy planet who just believes in cheating and tricking people out. Short or long-distance travels are on cards. Going abroad or shifting place for higher education is also possible. Don’t forget your moral and family values.

Ketu in 3rd house gives good results. You may have to toil hard but it is good for finances and carving out new plans for future. But you suffer on communication front as you are not able to communicate yourself properly. Don’t isolate yourself rather meet new people.


Rahu is transiting your 8th house so take care of your health. There can be undetected diseases. There can be prominent health issues related to stomach region, eyes and teeth. Also, intake of healthy diet is highly prescribed. You can undertake some research work at this time.

Ketu in 2nd house may bring issues with families. Financial losses can also be there. You should stay away from new investments. Concentrate highly on your oral hygiene. Do meditation for better connect with your family members.


Rahu is transiting your 7th house of business and partnerships. You might get into new relationship or you might be changing partners frequently. Don’t get indulge too much in sensual pleasures.

Ketu in 1st house will change your outlook totally. You might want to isolate yourself but instead of it you should reach out to more people and interact with them.Dont get confused rather follow your instincts.


Rahu will transit through your 6th house of enemies and diseases. This transit is quite better from previous one and it can bring lot of relief to your personal and professional life. Students can excel in competitive exams and gain recognition in administrative fields. If natal Rahu is not favorable, there can be short term diseases too.

Ketu will transit through 12th house which is its own comfortable space of Moksha. You may become spiritual and want some space of your own. But the flip side is you may donate a lot and feel detached from the life.


Rahu in 5th house can bring creativity and bliss of children. It also shows gain through the stock markets and betting. Also, as 5th house is Purva punya, many past life karmas can come to surface. Serve your Pitris through donations.

Ketu in 11th house shows breaks in friendships and you might suffer in your professional circle too. However, if you put devotion and self- less work in repairing your relationship with spouse, it can really work well. Long term financial planning can also be picked up.


Rahu in 4th house can be good for real estate but it can be harmful for your internal happiness and peace. Your relation with mother can suffer and the mother’s health can also suffer. Family life will might get disturbed and the domestic environment might not be cordial. Its highly recommended to do meditation and avoid back biting.

Ketu in 10th house makes you devoted towards your profession but opposite Rahu also urges you to pay attention towards family life. The transit can be good time for spirituality-oriented professions such as Astrology, Palmistry and Vaastu Shastra.


Rahu in 3rd house is a very favorable placement for entrepreneurship. Short distance travels or business travels is on cards. Your luck will shine and there might be a lot of successful business deals during this period. Harmony in personal life can also be seen.

Ketu in 9th house is excellent for dharmic and spiritual pursuits. But it can create health issues for your fathers especially viral infections. There can be breaks in fortunes and you need to work hard in order to gain success.




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