5th August 2020 Will be one of most historic day of this century. A day which has never come before or will never come. An unprecedented, unparalled and unmatched!

It is the day when Lord Rama will finish the exile of 500 years and the foundation of New prosperous India will be put in Ayodhya. Ayodhya, a city which is located in heart of India has lost its identity, prosperity and cultural significance in past due to colonial invasions and demolition of temples. We all know that Uttar Pradesh has faced immense challenges in past and its wealth was looted by the Britishers and Mughals.

The Shree Ram Janmabhoomi temple will have direct and promising effects on Indian economy boosting tourism and trade. Chanakya had propounded, “Sukhasya Moolam Dharmah, Dharmasya moolam Arthah” which means that in our culture, dharma and economy go hand in hand. If reports are to be believed, Ayodhya is going to become one of the biggest tourism centers of world. New International airports, splendid markets and related industries will boom in Ayodhya. New employment opportunities and entrepreneurial ventures will also get a positive boost. Hospitality Industry and small shopkeepers will get direct benefit with this step.

In all, a new India will rise on the world platform. A new India with lot more confidence and blessings of Lord Rama on the way to become golden sparrow again. I will always say Lord Rama is not a religious figure rather he belongs to whole world. His ideals have guided our path forever and for sure if we inculcate ram in the heart of every youngster, we can see a transformation in the society. Ayodhya, the most prosperous land of Ishkavasus Rajas is again going to get its identity and honor back with its cosmic Ruler Bhagwan Shri Ram taking the center seat back again. No doubt, Ram Rajya is coming back again.

Jai Shri Ram!

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