Results of Ketu transit over natal Planets : Effective from 17th March 2022

2 min readMar 22, 2022

As ketu is transiting in libra(true nodes) from 17 March, it will trigger situations coming in contact with other planets situated in your natal chart. Lets see what will be the results when ketu will transit over ur natal planets.


You may meet some friends or relatives after a long period of time as ketu also shows connections from pasts.Some break in existing relationship can be seen with ketu in sign of relationship. Spirtuality and letting go off things can be a saving grace.Dont take path of drugs and sex to overcome ur anxiety in relationship area.Be calm!


Some of you might part ways from their parents or they may detach themselves.You might look for your soul purpose and there are chances that u embrace solitude also for self discovery .


It shows anxiety in relationships resulting in frustration and mood swing.Keep yourself hydrated and practice deep meditation to avoid any pessimistic thoughts.The universe know that u are in pain but it is temporary.U might change residence and leave your motherland as ketu will take u to other place.


You might change your education stream or take a break for preparation. As mercury is karaka for communication, people might suffer gaps in communication giving misunderstanding with relatives .But this transit also gives u an opportunity to transform your way of talking and strengthen ur communicative ability.A good time to contemplate and take decisions regarding education field and career.Some of u might join a different sector altogether but it will definetely fructify u in best way.


A period full of aggression and frustrations in relationships is ahead.Mars in venus sign can showcase a tendency to get irritated unnecessarily and this will tear apart your relationships in worst manner.Try to maintain harmony with your siblings as your inherent aggression may lead u to cut ties permanently with them.


A very good combination in case u want to touch new heights in spirtual realms.Your humanitarian approach can help u wipe off lot of bad karma from past births.Listen to advice of elder ones at home and move at a path shown by them.If Jupiter is not well placed,expect some losses in business.Change of residence due to higher education can also be expected.


Though saturn is in exalted state, but it brings lot of ups and downs in relationship with Ketu transiting over it and these can primarily be attributed to unsettled career.Saturn brings some sort of pessimistic attitude and pain with it.Combining it with freedom and detachment of ketu,it makes a difficult combination!




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