Rules and Rituals to pluck Bilv-patra

  • It is advisable to pluck leaves one day before when you wish to offer for worshipping Lord Shiva.
  • • Always use a set of 3 leaves. The leaves should not be cut, dried or disfigured.
  • • Never pluck leaves after the sun set. Also, always wash your hands before and after plucking leaves.
  • • Never break a branch from the tree to pluck leaves later on. Always pluck leaves one by one.
  • • Before plucking leaves, one should recite following mantra to pledge the offering to Lord Shiva:
  • अमृतोद्भव श्री वृक्ष महादेव प्रिय: सदा। गृह्यामि तव पत्राणि शिव पूजार्थ मादरात्॥
  • Lord Shiva loves this majestic tree which has risen from nectar. O majestic tree, I am plucking your leaves to worship Lord Shiva.
  • • Never pluck Bel-Patra on Chaturthi, Ashtami, Navami, Chaturdashi and Amavasya to offer to Lord Shiva.
  • • Do not pluck Bel-Patra on Mondays and Sankranti when Sun shifts Sign which usually falls on 15th of 16th of calendar month. Although you may offer Bel-Patra on these days to worship.
  • • If you don’t have fresh Bel-Patra or plucking is forbidden on that day, you may offer already offered Bel-Patra after washing it.



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