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What is sadesati ?

Sadesati takes place when transit Saturn comes in 12th house to birth Moon, Over birth Moon, 2nd house from birth Moon.

The position of transit Saturn approximately make a period of seven and half years. This period gives results depending upon the sign and Nakshatra of birth Moon. Normally the results depend on the age of person, desh, kaal, patra.

Effects of sadesati:

As Moon and Saturn have inimical relationship with each other, this period normally makes a person mentally uncomfortable. People generally believe that Sadesati results are not good but it may not be true as it depends upon multiple factors like Moon sign, Lordship of Moon, Lordship of Saturn, Nakshatra of different signs, Degrees of Moon etc.

What is the role of Moon sign in sadesati?

The placement of Moon in a particular sign decides the three signs in which Sadesati will happen. The friendship and enmity of these sign Lords with Saturn plays a major role in deciding the favourable and unfavourable results of Sadesati.

Does nakshatra play any role in analysis of sadesati?

Yes, the role of Nakshatra Lords of Sadesati signs play a very important role. Friendship between Nakshatra Lord and Saturn gives favourable results, while enmity between Nakshatra Lord and Saturn increases unfavourable results.

Do tatwa of Sign In Lagna play any role in sadesati?

Yes they do. The role of Sadesati is different for different Lagans depending upon the Tatwa of Lagan sign. As The Lagans are divided into four different groups depending upon the sign in Lagan. The four groups are as follows:-

Fiery signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

Earthy signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

Airy signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius

Watery signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

Depending upon the sign in Lagan, the Lordship of Saturn and Moon get changed. When Saturn gets Lordship of trikone (5th house, 9th house) or becomes yog karaka, (Taurus and Libra Lagan), the Sadesati can be rather favourable provided it is not afflicted.

Does degree of Moon play any role in sadesati?

Results of Sadesati are dependent on degrees of Moon. As per great astrologer Shri Karve, the results of Sadesati are felt within 45 degrees on either side of degrees of Moon. For example, if Moon is at 20 degrees in Taurus,the results of Sadesati will start when Saturn comes at 5 degrees in Aries and will last till Saturn reaches 5 degrees of Cancer. (45 degrees on either side of birth Moon’s degree). side of bir

Importance of lagan degree in the horoscope?

The degrees of Lagan is very important, as that decides the Nakshatra, charan etc. For example Moon at Leo 5° degrees will be under the Nakshatra of Ketu, at 17° degrees will be in Nakshatra of Venus and at 28 degrees will be in the Nakshatra of Sun. The effects and results of all the three situations will be different. Besides this, different divisional charts get changed with variation of degrees of Lagan. Once the Lagan of divisional chart changes, all the placements of different planets also change. This fact is of great use while analyzing horoscopes of twins.

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