Saturn Transit Aquarius: Effect on Aries to Virgo Ascendants

5 min readNov 20, 2022


Saturn will transit to 11th house of gains and surely give highly beneficial results in terms of career and social circle for ascendants or moon-signs. You might be facing stagnation in your current job but now things will start picking up. You will have many new opportunities in career like multiple projects in current job and wider choices in profession. Industrialists who mainly deal with manufacturing, mining, metals etc can gain a lot of fame and resources to expand in various market segments. It’s time for introspection from the past experiences and implement the lessons given by Saturn in last 2.5 years . The 3rd aspect of Saturn on your lagna will make you follow strict diet regimes and transform yourself. The 7th aspect of Saturn on 5th house can give gains from children and success in speculative business too if natal Saturn is good and Rahu is powerful. The 10th aspect on 8th house can give money from in-heritances and sudden gains. You might make a pessimistic outlook on account of inlaws family. Try to deal the situations with calmness and responsible attitude. That’s overall gud for Aries, is itnt.?


Saturn, the yoga karaka planet for taurus ascendant is going to its 10th house, the strongest of all kendras. It’s a very powerful position for Saturn. If you are in manufacturing industry, then it’s the time to break the barriers and achieve record production and sales. You might invest heavily in establishing relation with foreign companies and even setting new production units/service lines. This will reap multifold benefits when Saturn moves to the 11th house of gains in Pisces after 3 years. The 7th aspect of Saturn is on 4th house which can help you in real estate matters especially building a new house or carrying out repairs in existing one. You will be disciplined lifestyle however the upcoming period will be fulfilling with family support and especially gains from mother. The 10th aspect of Saturn on 7th house will be helpful in earning laurels and positions of authority at workplace.


Saturn is transiting 9th house of zodiac which is not a comfortable position for karmakaraka but as it is a major benefic and placed in own sign, it will give mixed results. In case you want to pursue education abroad or start a new spiritual course or practice, Saturn will surely support you in your plans. You might face some issues with your bosses and teachers as Saturn’s energy is contractive in nature which is opposed to original owner of 9th house i.e., Jupiter. Your networking skills will come to your rescue in profession and personal life especially if u have support of elderly people at home and office. The 3rd aspect on 11th house shows that you might constantly strive for hefty cashflows and more streamlined sources of income. The 7th aspect on 3rd house might give short travels and increased efforts to accomplish tasks. The 10th aspect of Saturn on 6th house can give you power to fight off debts and diseases. However, if natal Saturn is not good, it can actually give long term diseases.


Cancer ascendant/moon-sign will witness this transit in the 8th house. This might give disturbing results especially for married girls who are living with in-laws. The deep-rooted conflicts can surface up gain however, your intellectual self can help you to go through all the challenges. Excellent transits for all research scholars as they will be able to complete their research thesis with innovative research findings winning them laurels from their head. Tech and pharma companies have an opportunity to evolve new solutions as Saturn will give rise to new digital era and even advanced technologies than block-chain and crypto.Here Saturn will aspect 10th,2nd and 5th house .Saturn aspect on 10th will give challenges and ups and downs in career.Your savings might increase and fixed deposits will go up during this time.Saturn’s 5th aspect will give problems to your children regarding health and education.


Leo ascendant/moon-sign will transit through your 7th house from Jan 2023.This might result in some tensions in married life as Saturn is a cold planet and people are unable to showcase their emotions with such placement. However, it is good for changing residence and moving to foreign countries especially to western countries provided if Dasha is favourable. You will get a good foreign settlement opportunity after April 2022 as Jupiter will be transiting your 9th house with Rahu.Saturn will aspect your 9th ,1st and 4th house.Saturn,being digbali aspecting the 9th house can give favours from far off lands especially in case your spouse is settled there.You need to take care of health as Saturn’s aspect on 1st house can mark onset of some chronic disease like blood pressure,migrain etc. Businesspeople must innovate new ideas and formulate solutions which are well suited to needs of customers. You may enter new partnerships to expand business and establish new business-segments. Professionals working in MNC might get work permit to work in foreign country. You will surely gain higher position, name, and fame farway from mother land saturn’s aspect on 4th house (if good points in ashtakvarga) supports your dreams of moving permanently to abroad.


For Virgo natives, Saturn will transit 6th house of their chart. With this transit, Saturn will help you to payback your loans and balance the karmic deposition with related to borrowed finances. Due to 3rd aspect of Saturn, there might be division of inherited property and your karmic relation with your brothers will surely undergo a big transformation. You might shut down the previous source of income and open a new one especially the elderly people who are near the retirement age. Your relation with your co-worker will deteriorate during this time causing chaos in the work. Your expenditures might increase with increased responsibilities, but your charitable nature will also help you to earn good karma. Due to the 10th aspect on 3rd house, your father in law might face some health issues.

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