Saturn transit in Aquarius, 17th January 2023

3 min readNov 11, 2022
Saturn transit in Aquarius 2023

Saturn, the karma karaka is going to enter its mool-trikona sign of Aquarius which is It’s natural 11th house of kaal-purusha kundli on January 17, 2023.

Saturn is the cosmic teacher who puts the individuals under testing circumstances in order to fine-tune their inherent abilities and discover the best qualities out of them. Therefore, every shift of Saturn forces us to learn new lessons and tackle the external environmental transformations with patience and persistence.

Saturn transit after 2.5 years sets new milestones for world as it brings transformation in the world by introduction of new laws, structural and political changes, economic transformations, and technological changes.

As Aquarius is mool-trikona and most intellectual of all signs, therefore this transit after 28 years is of immense importance for bringing revolution in field of digital content, technology, medicine and surgery, biotechnology, industrial machinery etc.

Let’s discuss, How will this affect our personal self?

In order to decipher any planetary transit, we need to know the significations of the sign where the planet is transiting and the significations of planet itself. Aquarius is the sign of service to humanity and society itself. Here, you have to think about the community at large and undertake tasks which can be beneficial for all segments of society. You have to rise above from your own individual self and visualise yourself as a drop in the bigger ocean that is mankind who has to give back to mankind during this transit.

Let’s talk on Saturn Through Nakshatras

Saturn will transit through 3 nakshatras-Dhanishta, Satabhisha and Purvabhadrapada.

  • Saturn in Dhanishta gives mixed results as Dhanishta is ruled by mars. But its very strong in 3rd pada of Dhanishta which falls in Aquarius. Therefore when Saturn will enter the sign of Aquarius on 23rd January,2023,it will be transiting its exalted Navamsa Pada which is again very powerful position for Saturn.
  • Saturn in Satabhisha may undergo initial difficulties as it is ruled by Rahu and the energy behind the transit wholly becomes combination of Saturn and Rahu. Here, we should direct our energies to work on good solutions for upliftment of mankind.
  • Saturn in Purvabhadrapada will be dedicated to causes of society and serving community with all the resources compiled in this Janma. Here,you might develop two faces — a spiritual one and violent one. The emphasis should be on paying back for the bad karmas and laying a foundation for new karmic cycle for blessings of almighty.

Sade sati alert When Saturn passes through 12th,1st and 2nd house to your natal moon, then you undergo the period of sadesati which can be difficult/easy depending upon the natal position of Saturn, your karmic balance and dasha. But generally, the onset of sadesati, that is when Saturn is 12th to moon, gives losses, expenditures and downfall in professional life. Here Saturn sets a stage for transformation to give you results according to the accumulated karma and teach you much wanted lessons in life.

Pisces to that is miin rashi moon-sign people will witness start of sade-sati with this transit and they should take care of health and losses in profession. The peak phase of sadesati gives emotional turmoil and you might have to deal with complex situations in both personal and professional life. Your efforts will not reap proper fruits unless you are going through a very good Dasha. Aquarius moon-sign natives will undergo the peak phase of sadesati but as Aquarius is mool-trikona sign of Saturn, it might give good results after lot of turmoil and bless you with name and fame in profession.

The setting phase of Sadesati happens when Saturn is 12th to your moon. Capricorn moon-sign natives will experience the setting phase of sadesati. During this period, you will again start to rise or prepare yourself to adjust to the transformations given by Saturn.

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