Sawan- The Month of Shiv Ji

The month of Sawan has stared this year from 6th July. The month brings with it relief from the heat of summer with lots of rain, the weather becomes pleasant and lovely.The month is also very dear to Lord Shiva as it provides coolness to His heated body. The puja of Shiva Lingum, chanting of Mantras, and fasting done during this month is very effective to please God immediately.

Worship in the Month of Sawan-

Sawan is very dear to Shiv Ji, it is the month dedicated to the Lord. Worship of the Lord during the whole month is very beneficial but if done on Monday then it is more helpful in wish-granting.

Monday is the day of Moon God and Lord Shiva wears Moon on his forehead as a crown, so any worship done on this day generate the blessings from both, the Moon as well as Lord Shiva.

The word ‘Som’ means ‘Moon’, which represents the feelings and emotions of any person that is under the control of Lord Shiva as Shiv Ji wears it as an ornament on His forehead. That is one of the reasons to fast and worship Shiv Ji on Monday.

‘Som’ also means ‘mild’. Lord Shiva is the benign God who is pleased easily with true devotion from His devotees and is easier to please when fasted and worshipped on Mondays of Sawan.

‘Som’ also denotes ‘happiness and peace’. The worship is done, of the most innocent God on Monday also brings these traits into our life.

Normally, four Mondays fall under the month of Sawan and if fasted with ritualistic puja of Lingum along with Holy bath of the Lord with raw milk then it grants accomplishment of all the worldly desire and results in the liberation of the soul. The fast kept by unmarried females provides them with a beautiful, virtuous, intelligent, and well-charactered man.

The fasting on all Mondays falling under the month of Sawan, by unmarried females, provides the benefits of fasting done on sixteen Mondays.

Puja or Abhishek of Shiv Ji is not gender-specific; any person who desires a wish to be fulfilled or wants prosperity and peace in his/her life should worship the Lord. For the ritualistic Shiv Puja & Rudrabhishek from within the comfort of your home, you can contact Srinath Jyotish Karyalay at +91–9966667290.



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