Science behind Deepawali Puja & Celebrations

5 min readNov 12, 2021

Our Indian scripture is full of religiousness but for every custom, tradition and festival there is a logic, the logic that is important for our welfare yet it is associated with our beliefs.

Let me tell you an amazing secret about Deepawali. If I ask you why we celebrate this festival? Some of you may come up with the story of Shri Ram returning to Ayodhya after the exile of 14 years, some may tell that on this day Shri Krishna killed Narkasur, or in Vaman Avtar Bhagwan Vishnu got back Mata Lakshmi from Bali or it may be that Mahavir Swamy got his Kevalya Gyan on this day or on this very day King Vikramaditya was ascended to his throne. Different reasons are associated with our beliefs but the fact is something different.

Deepawali is one of our most celebrated festivals. But the point of consideration is that it falls on the new moon day, the day of darkness. So we celebrate a festival so important on the day of Amavasya? Is there something important happening in the cosmos that we are unaware of? Yes!

We know that whatever happens in the cosmos has its effect on the earth and also affects our human body. We also know that we in our Vedas time is calculated as per the position of Sun and Moon, which means that on Amavasya both the Sun and Moon are together at 0 degrees whereas on Purnima or full moon day they are opposite to each other at 180 degrees. Now, Deepawali falls on Amavasya, so both Sun and Moon are at 0 degrees but they are together in Libra zodiac.

Libra is the zodiac that creates a balance between the positive and negative energies. In Libra, Sun is debilitated but it is also with Moon. Sun represents the father, the male energy and Moon represents the mother, the feminine energy. Or we can say that a balance is established between our soul and our mind. This balance is automatically generated and along with an especial opportunity to fulfil our desire or to achieve wealth is generated.

Let me explain this in connection with our Holy Scriptures. As per our Vedas, Amavasya is considered as ‘Lakshmi Praragtya Din’ and when we study ‘Shreemad Bhagwad Geeta’, ‘Kurn Puran’ or ‘Mahabharat’ then we find that Mata Lakshmi went away from Gods and to bring Her back, there was Samudra Manthan between Gods and demons. Or we can say a balance was established between the good and evil energy by way of Samudra Manthan. This balance is automatically established each year on the day of Deepawali.

Let me make it simpler to you.’ Lakshmi ‘is a Sanskrit word that represents wealth or ‘Lakshya’ that is the target. Deepawali falls on Ashwin month’s Amavasya and it is the day to achieve wealth or desire because the cosmic energies strike a remarkable balance between the good and evil energies. This balance makes it quite easy for us to fulfil our wishes or gain wealth.

This is much simpler to understand and today I will tell you a technique to tap this balanced energy so that you could achieve wealth and desire. You have to exercise a certain control over your emotions. Why? Because Lakshmi Ji came out of Samudra Manthan, the word can be bifurcated into 2 words, ‘Sam’ and ‘Manthan’. Sam means control over emotion. If we see more closely then we find that Sun and Moon are in Swati Nakshatra of Libra Zodiac. Swati Nakshatra is very unique. Though it comes every month especially only on Deepawali it comes with the unique combination of Sun and Moon. On Deepawali, Swati Nakshatra enhances our internal wish fulfilling capabilities and synchronizes them with the powerful cosmic energy.

The symbol of Swati Nakshatra is a ‘plant swaying in the air’ which represents freedom and flexibility which means you have the freedom to move or follow your wishes and dreams. Our life usually runs on our past Karmas and present position of the celestial bodies. But this doesn’t mean that if someone is facing adversities then that person does not have any say in it. The day of Deepawali has the power to provide us with the freedom to fulfil our desires which we are not able to fulfil due to the position of planets or our past karmas. Now, most of you will ask how? What you have to do to avail this opportunity?

First, let me explain that Swati Nakshatra has the air element in it, the element that calibrates the Chakras in our body with the cosmic energy. The Heart Chakra that lies in the centre of all the seven Chakras has this air element and it is where we have to concentrate.

When we look closely at its symbol then we observe two triangles in it. The lower or the inverted triangle represents feminine energy whereas the upward represents the masculine energy. Both this energy are concentrated in Heart Chakra and on the day of Deepawali, it gets to connect with the ever-powerful energy combination of the universe. So, what you have to do to obtain the maximum benefit of this combination? You have to write you wish on a paper. You have to request the omnipresent God, the infinite power to fulfil your wish.

Now, you may ask why writing wish on the day of Deepawali is important. To understand this, first understand that in our Root Chakra resides Brahama Granthi, in Heart Chakra Vishnu Granthi and Agya Chakra Mahesh Granthi. Mata Lakshmi is indicative of wealth and wish and She is a consortium of Bhagwan Vishnu. So, when we write our wish on the day of Deepawali then a connection is established between our internal energies, present in Heart Chakra and with that of the energy of God and to fulfil our wish becomes the task of God. This is the reason that business-oriented people write their fresh accounts on Deepawali, despite the fact it is Amavasya on that day. If you write your wish then the energy of Mata Lakshmi and Shri Hari Vishnu helps you to fulfil it.

The day of Deepawali is very powerful because a kind of universal energy is created which if we accept with mindfulness and meditativeness then we receive its full benefit. This process of writing wish can also be done two days before and two days after Deepawali. The day of Dhan Teras falls two days before Deepawali and generally, we celebrate Bhai Dduj on the 2nd day after Deepawali. But Bhai Dhuj is also known as Yum Titiya or Chitra Gupt Jayanti. On this day the written wish is endorsed. We know that Chitra Gupta keeps the record of all our past and present Karmas and this record is kept in our sub-conscious mind.

To summaries, I will mention again that write your desire of wish or wealth especially on the day of Deepawali because of Swati Nakshatra and if not on that day, then on Dhan Teras, means 13th november or Chitra Gupta Jayanti means 16th november. Don’t hesitate because your wishes are like a dot in the ocean of the universe and on the day of Deepawali the uplifting and wish-fulfilling energies are active in cosmos.




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