You might have wondered why Hindu new year is different from the western new year.

Well, let me enlighten you the science behind Hindu new year today and why this was chosen as fresh start by our ancient seers.

We know that the earth revolves around the Sun and therefore, sun is one of the most important focus points in Hindu Dharma and astrology. Precisely, the Hindu calendar owes its existence to the one complete revolution of earth around the Sun. When earth again starts its journey around sun i.e., astrologically when Sun enters Aries i.e., 1st house of the kalpurusha Kundli, the new solar year begins. Additionally, with this solar year concept, months are lunar in the Hindu calendar. In simple terms, it means that months are calculated based upon moon’s movement w.r.t earth. The Rig Veda also cites the same concept of Lunar months and solar years.

A lunar month is precisely 29 days 12 hours 44 minutes and 3 seconds long and twelve such months constitute a lunar year of 354 days 8 hours 48 minutes and 36 seconds. Further, in order to help the lunar months, coincide with the solar year, usually extra months also called Adhik Maas is inserted after every 2.5 years. This practice was carried forward in ancient times too and the source of same is mentioned in Rig-Veda {Vedamãso dhrutavrato dvãdasha prajãvatah; vedã ya upajãyate.

The start of Hindu New Year is also closely related with the harvesting of crops and seasons in India. The summer season starts with the New Samvat every year and the colors of spring puts a closure to it.

Well, if you can connect dots, you may understand that our ancient seers were much more advanced in mathematical calculations and astronomy due to which they can derive correct methodology and system for new year calculation. We must try to return to our traditional roots and relearns ways of our ancestors.



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