Shani Jayanti 2022 and Ways to Please Shani Dev

  • Every Saturday, kindly make it a point to go to the Shani temple
  • Shani’s grace can be felt even when a mustard oil lamp is lit under the Peepal tree.
  • With a sincere heart, worship Shani Dev and seek for his blessings.
  • On Saturday, try to avoid buying Iron.
  • Take some mustard oil and put it in a bowl on Saturday. Examine your face in this oil, then donate it (Chaya Daan).
  • In life, avoid doing any kind of unequal job.
  • Avoid lying at all costs.
  • Oil the roti and feed it to the black dog.
  • Do not cheat on others or say anything harmful to others. This is because Shani Dev is known as the God of Justice. Therefore, continue your work as Shani Dev congratulates you.
  • Always show respect to your elders.
  • Water the Peepal tree
  • Always treat ladies with respect.
  • Continue to help others according to your talents.
  • Shani’s bad effects are alleviated by serving a black cow. Shani Dev’s grace will continue if you do this every day.
  • After seeing your face in a bronze bowl filled with mustard or sesame oil, donate it.
  • Perform a Peepal tree Parikarma. Early in the morning, provide sweet milk to the tree’s root and ignite the oil lamp toward the west.
  • For pleasing Shani Dev, Lord Shani and Lord Hanuman should be worshipped.



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