This year Shani Jayanti will be celebrated on May 22, 2020.On this day,4 planets namely Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus will conjunct in Taurus and the two key planets i.e. Saturn and Jupiter will conjunct in the sign of Capricorn. Such a rare yoga will happen after 972 years on this important day.

Due to the planetary conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, Justice and faith will get restored in the world. The working-class people in India mainly labourers will benefit from Govt. schemes and incentives. This year as per Varshphal is good for farming activities and this planetary combination confirms the same.

India will emerge as a powerful country defeating all-natural epidemics and disasters. Almost all the countries will stand by India during this time offering support on key issues and even approving its leadership on national front. But for sure, India’s fame and personality will increase over the period of time. Our prime minister will emerge as World-leader during this crisis. The country will also become leading destination for investments. Some major changes can be witnessed all over the world especially in India’s corporate sector.

There is affect of such a rare planetary combination on our personal lives too and you can channelize this positive energy by taking blessings of Lord Saturn. Offer oil, black sesame and Urad dal in Shani temple. Donation is the best remedy for Saturn. It is believed that if you regularly donate things to needy people then you will decrease your losses in business and personal life. So, make donation a habit. Chant Shani Chalisa and offer jala to Shivling. Hanuman Chalisa is another effective remedy to please Lord Saturn. All The Lockdown Rules Should Be Followed Strictly Parallelly.

Things to do on This Day-

- Worship the Sun God by in the morning by reciting the mantra “Aum Suryaya Namaha” 108 times or Sri Aditya Hrudayam Stotram

- Spend some time in doing Yoga and light stretching exercises

- Meditate – This is the “BEST” and most “EFFECTIVE” remedy for Lord Saturn.

- Chant the simple Shani mantra – “Aum Shanescharaya Namaha” 108 times

- Donate – Donate to your favorite cause or help someone in need especially those that are less fortunate than you.

- If you have a Shivling at home, you can offer Abhishek with water and milk.

- If you are able to, you can fast from sunrise or sunset. If you are unable to fast, you can avoid non-vegetarian food and stick to a sattvic diet for today.

- Respect your elders – This is the day to take care of people who are elder to you and gain their blessings.

- Chant the Hanuman Chalisa

- Be Righteous and avoid Shortcuts and arrogance.

For personalized consultations related to relationships, career, business, children, education etc,feel free to contact us at 9966667290, 8985195822.




Vedic Astro-Numerologist l Karmic Healer l VastuShastri | Spiritual Coach I Sharing Deeper Spiritual Insights With World

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Gkm Astrology - Gajanan Krishna Maharaj

Gkm Astrology - Gajanan Krishna Maharaj

Vedic Astro-Numerologist l Karmic Healer l VastuShastri | Spiritual Coach I Sharing Deeper Spiritual Insights With World

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