Shattila Ekadashi Rituals

Krishnaikadashi (Hemadri) – On Krishna ekadashi of Magha month, take shower early in the morning and chant this mantra ‘Shri Krishna’ 8, 28, 108 or 1000 times. Keep fasting. Stay awake in night and do havan (homa). Worship God and give offerings (arghya) with this mantra – Subrahanya Namastestu Mahapurush Poorvaj, Grihanarghyam Mayaa Dattam Lakshmya Sah Jagatpate. This is ‘Shat-tila’ Ekadashi. Do these on this day – (1) Bath with sesame water, (2)Rub grinded sesame on skin, (3) Offer sesame in havan (homa), (4) Drink sesame mixed water, (5) Donate sesame, and (6)If you eat modak, gajak, and sweets made of sesame, your sins are destroyed.

Shattila Ekadashi Story

A brief description of the legend behind this fast is that there was a great Brahamani devotee of the God during ancient times. She always kept fast for the God, daily worshiped Him with proper rituals and procedures, and always did His remedied with complete devotion. Due to strict fast and adhering to her husband’s responsibilities and that of her home, her body condition was weary. Still, she never gave any type of donation to anyone in her entire life. One day, God himself came to her, in the disguise of sage, asking for a donation, but she also didn’t give him anything. Though, on excessive grumbling of the God in the disguise of sage, she gave Him a big piece of clay as a donation. God became pleased with that donation and, upon her death, gave her a place in Vaikunth. But he didn’t provide her with anything there, apart from the beautiful house of clay. Then, with God’s due permission, the Brahmani kept ‘Shat-tila’ fast, and with its effect, she received everything.



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