Should we use the word Lord for our God?

Lord. A word we freely use for our God but is it an appropriate word of respect?

A quick search on the internet has given me some interesting definition and meaning.

Etymology: The word ‘Lord’ has its origin in Old English word hlāford which originated from hlāfweard, it means “loaf-ward” or “bread keeper”, referring to chieftain or head of the tribe who used to provide food to the tribe people, or his followers.

Also, a branch of Christians that consider Jesus as the man and God, refer to him as the LORD. Most of Christianity considers Jesus as the messenger of God.

The general meaning of the word Lord is ‘a man of noble rank or high office’, and it is a designation or appellation for a person or deity who has authority or control over others. People who have been conferred titles in British kingdom are also called ‘Lord’. Judges in Britain are called lord, and due to colonization of India, we also have taken up the habit of calling our judges as lord.

What I understand from the above is that the word ‘Lord’ has British origin and it is used for Deity and/or men of power. Do we want to put our Supreme Beings in the same line as some lord in a county in Britain? I don’t. We really should get over the colonial mentality and take pride in our culture and rich heritage.

How about we use words like ‘Almighty’ or ‘Bhagwan’ or Shree Rama Insted Of Lord Rama, Shree Krishna Insted Of Lord Krishna. I am sure everyone in India would know the meaning of the word ‘Bhagwan’ in any language. Why not simply use ‘God’? Thankfully in Hindu religion, we know our Gods and we know how they look like. Let us take a pledge to not use the word ‘Lord’ for our Gods and start using words like Almighty, Bhagwan or God.

I am open to suggestions in this regard and you may send your suggestions on 99666 67290.



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