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The source of energy for whole Universe — Sun God will be entering the sign of Leo on 16th August,2020. Sun transiting in Leo also known as Simha Sankranti. The days of Sankranti are considered pious and sacred in our country. From ancient times, there is a tradition of taking dips in holy rivers on the day of Sankranti.Simha Sankranti is greatly auspicious for setting of marriage dates and perform Janaeu Sanskar.

Sun God, Lord Vishnu and Lord Narsimha Swamy are prayed on the occasion of Simha Sankranti. Nariyal Abhishek (coconut water) is performed on this day. There is also a tradition to visit Vishnumurthy temple near city of Mangalore.

Sun transit through its own sign will have different impacts on all signs. Sun is the planet of dominance, authority, government, societal honour, self-confidence etc. Leo is the natural 5th house of zodiac. It stands for romance, love, creativity, joy and children. Sun is a fierce planet and Leo is a fiery sign. Therefore, at tatwa level, this transit is going to give more quick and fiery results rather than calmness. For students, it is a good transit but it might not be favourable for relationships as there can be too much aggression.

Aries -

Lot of aggression in relationships, Children will achieve success but you will not be able to maintain cordial relation with them, may bring immense fortune and honour from the society, Creative work would be appreciated.

Taurus -

Health issues to mother, Good time for relationships, Purchase of property is also on cards, Good time for career and promotion

Gemini —

3rd house transit of Sun in upchaya, very good for growth and entrepreneurship, time for working hard, good for people in govt’s sector and authority, Good time for pursuing your creative talents

Cancer —

Transit through house of finances, money and investments, Good time for family, Good for finances, Good time for you

Leo —

Ascendant lord in ascendant itself, powerful position for tremendous change, High energy and vitality, Success and honour, be patient and calm, don’t become too aggressive

Virgo —

12th house transit not good for vitality and energy, stay alert in financial matters, you may face eye troubles and digestive issues, Chant the name of Lord Rama

Libra —

Transit through 11th bhava of gains, Good time for siblings, Gains through entrepreneurship, Support from fatherly figures, Time to make and reap fruits of investments

Scorpio —

Transit through karma bhava, very powerful and strong results, Good time for career, Rise in authority,

Sagittarius —

Sun transit in 9th house, Perform fire yajnas, Good time for dharmic activities and higher education, Religious and spiritual activities on cards.Chant the name of Lord Rama.

Capricorn —

Sun transits through 8th house of transformations and diseases. Keep a check on your eating habits, Health and career related challenges is on your way.

Aquarius —

Transits through 7th house of partnership, Ego in relationships, Differences in partnership business, try to be less dominating, Arguments can give you tough time

Pisces —

Transits through 6th house of enemies, gives very good results in terms of family life, power to overcome diseases, Good for image in society, Good for vitality, Success in competition.




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