This year we will welcome Makar Sankranti with a rare cosmic phenomenon due to combination of 5 planets in the sign of makara (Capricorn) itself. In reality, this day is celebrated for the transit of Sun in the sign of Capricorn. But this year will be an exception as 4 other planets namely Moon, Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter.

The king of planets sun will be transiting through the nakshatra of Uttarashada along with Saturn. Moon, Mercury and Jupiter will be transiting Shraavana nakshatra which is known as nakshatra of Lord Vishnu. The thing worth watching is that the Sun and moon which are also recognized as father and mother in astrology are placed in their own nakshatras in same sign. They are in strength due to placement in own nakshatra however facing affliction from conjunction of planets which are inimical to them. Thus, this can bring a plethora of opportunities and setbacks at same time but the results will differ for each ascendant/moon-sign and the house affected.

Let’s see how this conjunction will affect us:

1.Aries -For Aries, the house of profession and karmas is getting activated. This will bring transformation in your career. With the 10th lord Saturn posited in the nakshatra of Uttarashada.Sun. Sun with Sun, there may be some clashes with your bosses. You might face a mental dilemma of concentrating on your job and your children. However, sun is the most benefic planet for Aries ascendant and its placement in 10th house of career with Jupiter shows that you can make big turnarounds in your profession. Offering Arghala to sun lord and giving donations to brahmins is the best remedy for you.

2.Taurus – For Taurus, your higher education and religious beliefs will get a lot of focus. Your 5th lord mercury will conjunct Yoga karaka Saturn, therefore you are bound to get good results during this transit. You can utilize this energy for initiating new learning and moving to foreign lands. If you have plans to pursue masters in a good institute, then your desires might find wings during this time. The time is apt for gaining honor and respect in society. Give services to educational and religious organizations in form of money or time.

3.Gemini – For Gemini ascendant, this stellium is taking place in 8th house of the chart. This energy can be very transformative for Gemini ascendants as your ascendant lord is also involved in this conjunction. You need to take care of your health as both sun and moon are also involved. Otherwise, this time can set foundation for life -time changes in professional and personal life. Give donations to handicapped and needy people. Serve cows regularly.

4.Cancer – Cancer ascendant will get blessings in form of good financial and professional life. However, this can create some issues in your marital life. Your ego will affect the cordiality in your relationships. You need to take care of your health too as it can be detrimental from the health side. You can utilize this energy for financial prosperity by setting strong foundation for future success. Offer water to shivling and chant ‘Om namo shivaya’ for best results.

5.Leo- Sun is coming to the 6th house of your chart. This energy will be helpful to defeat your enemies. You can get desired success in the competitive exams. Your courage and valor will increase manifold during this time. You will be ready to take risk during this time and this can fuel up the entrepreneurship spirit in you. Don’t get into un-necessary arguments with your father and other fatherly figures. Do surya namaskar and read Aditya hrudya strotam.

6.Virgo – Sun will be transiting your 5th house of chart thus bringing lot of creative energy at your core. Writers and teachers may find success during this time. Also, you might become a perfectionist will lot of focus on details. You might expect same perfection from others which can disappoint you. Utilize this energy to bring key changes in your life mainly your lifestyle and sleep habits. Your children might make new inroads in their professional life moving towards growth and success. Chant ‘Om namo Bhagvate Vasudevaya’

7.Libra- Sun will be transiting your 4th house of comforts, inner happiness and peace. You may get success in real estate sector or sale of property. There might be some auspicious ceremony in your home as Trinal lords – Mercury and Saturn will get co-joined. You will get mental peace and blissful moments to spend with your family members. The time is favorable to buy vehicle or new home. You need to let go off your ego in order to gain best fruits in domestic environment.

8.Scorpio- Sun will be transiting your 3rd house of courage and willpower. This will give lot of boldness and strength to tackle with difficult situations and take decisions. You will work hard to fulfill your desires. You may start your entrepreneurial journey during this time. You should avoid clashes with fatherly figures and rather take their blessings to start upon the new page in life. Don’t get too harsh with your younger siblings rather try to become their support system. Offer donations to brahmins and feed cows to get good result. Feed cows regularly and chant ‘Om namo Bhagvate vasudevaya’.

9.Sagittarius – Sun will be transiting 2nd house of your chart resulting in financial abundance. You will share cheerful moments with your family. This time period will make you happy to go lucky person. The period is suitable to search for a perfect partner however, you will have to wait for tying the knot till April since Jupiter and Venus is combust. Don’t be harsh in your speech rather embrace softness to win the hearts. Your ascendant lord in Shraavana signifies that worshipping to lord Vishnu will give you success in educational field and career.

10.Capricorn – This will be a very important transit as Sun is coming into your ascendant. Your honor and respect will increase manifold in the society. However, you might become egoistic which can cause problems with your spouse and business partners. There is lot of creative energy, optimism and good luck which can boost your power to take best decisions. Do lot of meditation and synchronize your energies with the higher purpose. This will bring success in business and entrepreneurship. Chant ‘Om namo Bhagvate Vasudevaya’. Plant trees and spend some time in gardening.

11. Aquarius – Sun is transiting 12th house of your chart which can result in loss of health and mental peace. This combination might need you to visit a hospital for a health concern. It also shows loss of self-respect in society. You may pick up an argument with your spouse and your conjugal life might suffer. Giving donations to medical centres and needy people will definitely help you to overcome ill-effects of this transit. If you are applying for any foreign visa, there might be some issues and delays in processing. Don’t pick any argument with authorities rather meditate to get good results. Feed handicapped and needy people regularly to tackle any ill-effects of Saturn.

12.Pisces – Sun is transiting 11th house might give you some diseases and problems due to debts. However, it is good for name & fame and reputation in society. If you are pregnant, then there might be some complications. You may get favors from govt. It is a good placement for people in politics and other strategic fields. Business-man can get good projects which can open new corridors for future achievements. Offering water to banana tree and meditating on guru mantra will reap best fruits.Take blessings of all your teachers and elderly people.

Planetary transits can open new doors of opportunities as well as challenges for any individual. Transits actually acts as a postman which is responsible for delivering you the letters of Karma. So, it’s very important to analyse the transits to see how your destiny will manifest in short term. You can order your 2021 transit report by contacting us at 9966667290, 8985195822. (WhatsApp only).

Our 2021 transit reports will contain detailed predictions for this year taking into account your personal chart also. You will be given remedies to enhance the blissful fruits in this year. Also,we will try to bring into light some major happening which can define your destiny path this year .

So,be quick and contact us to make a difference in life in this year with personalised predictions from Gajanan Krishna Maharaj.



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