SUN TRANSITS LIBRA – 16th November 2020

Sun in Libra makes up for master strategist, diplomats and wise counsel as they know how to exploit the loopholes.

Sun is entering the sign of Libra on 17th October 06:50 AM IST and remain there till 16th November 2020 06:39 AM IST.

Libra is debilitation sign of Sun. For people who are newbies in Astrology, I will like to put out that planets get debilitated in a sign who is not supportive of their natural significations. Sun is a fiery and authoritative planet. It is the king amongst all who only likes to give orders. But Libra is a market place where we have to negotiate like a businessman. This certainly doesn’t go well with the king and he feels loss of authority and power here.

Then the question arises do the debilitation of Sun is bad?

Before I answer in depth, I want to bring into your knowledge that the world’s greatest billionaires & celebrities such as Bill Gates, Nita Ambani, Akash, Aishwarya Rai, Shahrukh Khan and Isha Ambani have debilitated Sun in their chart. These people have amassed huge wealth and status in their life with this planetary position.

So, Is Sun in libra giving bad fruits?

Well, not completely. Sun in libra gives harmony in relationships and creative abilities too. But as Libra is marketplace, Sun may forget its own agenda of righteousness and misuses its powers. It is quite manipulative too but these abilities actually help for leading in the world of business. You can’t become a successful businessman in 21st century unless you have imbibed such qualities. Also, people with Sun in Libra makes up for master strategist, diplomats and wise counsel as they know how to exploit the loopholes.

Sun in Libra is quite sociable too. It likes to mix up and interacts with other people. This helps them to build a large networking circle which ultimately helps them in their life. In spiritual terms, Sun is the karaka for the soul. Sun is fallen in Libra and loses its significations. It means the soul has forgotten its true purpose on earth. Therefore, the people who have born with this placement sometimes forget the real purpose of the soul and their life is dedicated to the worldly affairs only where wealth is sole motive.


Sun in Libra is not at all bad from materialistic point of view. The placement is a crucial one as it promotes harmony in relationship and letting go of ego. You only need to work on low self-esteem issues and you will able to benefit largely from this transit.

Note: Transits are to be studied in totality with your personal chart for getting full information on the upcoming events on your life.

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