Surya Kriya, the base of all Yoga Practice

3 min readMay 11, 2024

The radiant energy in the whole universe is reflected through the powerful Sun, not just the entire cosmic geometry but also the small compartments that are affected by the light source. We the mortal beings, have ever given thought on this effect? Have we ever realized that during consecutive non-Sun days there is a feeling of depression and monotones? Or even the thought that is leading a happy materialistic life the true essence of life?

Life is beyond the inculcation of soul inside the body to its demolition, it is a bigger phenomenon of going beyond the obvious to have a universal experience of infinite light and eternal truth. Sun is the light that exists inside oneself; it has the power to deprive negativity of our life and gifting a stress-fee and relaxed mind.

Surya Kriya is a potent way to find wellness and spirituality with inside energy.

Solar Plexus is the powerhouse and epicenter of pranic energy, a synchronized charkra results in self-confidence, self-esteem, stamina, and empowerment. Surya Kriya purifies the negativity of solar plexus and lets one meet his true self, the phenomenon not only improves physical health and sleep disorders but it also calms the mind and let one have a fresh and energized mind and body.

It develops intuition, focus, regularizes breath and food habits, balances hormones and prepares oneself for meeting true self.

Steps to be followed in Surya Kriya

  1. Sit upright with a straight spine and take long deep breaths in and out of right nostrils with focus on the flowing breath for 3–4 minutes. This will clear the mind.
  2. 2. Sit on heels with palms overhead and fingers interleafed, except index finger, men will cross right thumb over left thumb and women left thumb over the right thumb. Focus on the brow point then practice Mulband Asana and imagine the flow of energy from navel point. This exercise will release the stored energy in the navel point.
  3. 3. Grasp tibia or shine with both hands inhale and exhale with forward and backward movement of the spine, on exhale apply Mulbandh. This will release kundalini energy through the spine and add flexibility.
  4. 4. Place toes on ground and heels off the ground with fingers between the knees on the ground and lift the head, inhale and exhale with head and bottom movement. This will focus on energy.
  5. 5. Sit on heels with straight spine and hands-on thighs, inhale with turning head to left and exhale with turning the head to right, after finishing the kriya inhale with a straight head. This improves throat chakra, thyroid, and parathyroid glands.
  6. 6. Relax and grab shoulder with fingers at front and thumb at back, arms and elbows parallel to the ground then inhale when bend to left and exhale when bend to right, after kriya inhale straight. This will flex the spine, distribute energy all over the body and balance the magnetic field.
  7. 7. Lastly, meditate with a straight spine and focus directed at brow point, apply Mulband and feel the flow of breath. This will let you meet with your true self.

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