The astrological secrets of Ramayana

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Birth of Shree Rama:

Shree Rama was born in the month of Chaitra on Shukla Navami day, in Punarvasu star in ‘Kark Lagna’ (Cancer Ascendant) with Jupiter (exalted) with Moon, Sun, Mars, Venus, and Saturn also being exalted.”Bharatha was born in the star Pushyami in Meena Lagna. The twins Laxmana and Shatrughna were born in the star Aslesha in Karkata Lagna on the next day”.

Marriage of Rama and his brothers:

The marriage of Lord Rama and his brothers was performed in Uttara Phalguni star. Before the marriage, King Janak tells the sages Vasistha and Viswamitra the following:- “Uttara Phalguni star is tomorrow. This star is proclaimed as very auspicious for marriage by the learned”. According to the conventions, the marriage of two children from the same parent cannot be performed in the same Muhurta with similar Lagna. However, Shree Rama and Bharatha were from different mothers, so the above restriction was not valid. For Laxmana and Shatrughan, the mother was the same, but the Navamsa Lagna is different. So, this was acceptable.

Coronation of Lord Rama as King:

For the coronation of Sri Rama, king Dasaratha informs sage Vasistha,“Tomorrow will be Pushyami star, very auspicious for the coronation of Sri Rama as the prince. Please make arrangements for the same.”

Dashratha explains the dangerous transit through Revati to Lord Rama:

After the coronation of Shree Rama was announced, Dasaratha describes an omen, his stars, planetary positions to Shree Rama.“Rama! I have a nightmare, meteors falling with a thunderous sound. O Rama! my birth star (Rewati) is occupied with the planets Surya, Kuja (Mars), and Rahu. Normally, the king will either die or face a dangerous situation. Today the moon has risen in the Punarvasu star. Tomorrow will be Pushyami which is specific for this auspicious function. So better get ready for the coronation and observe the required rituals”.

Lord Rama Exile and hints on Prarbhda Karma:

When Shree Rama was asked to go to the forests and Laxmana gets furious, Shree Rama pacifies him by saying, “Happiness and grief, peace and anger, profit and loss, sailing and drowning, all kinds of mistakes happen as per praarabdha (destiny).One has to understand the secret of this and conduct himself to make one’s life happy and peaceful”.

Jatayu on Muhurta during Evil Act:

A bird (Jatayu) tells Shree Rama, “Ravana has taken away your consort, Sita in the Vinda muhurta. The person who steals another person’s possession in this Muhurtha, will not be able to retain same with him or enjoy same. The owner will get back the possession. Ravana did not think about this while taking away Sita. He will perish like a fish caught in the hook.”

Kabanda on how to deal with the bad Dasha period:

A demon Kabandha, becomes a divine personality after being killed and, tells Shree Rama as to what one should do when he is going through a bad (dasa) period. He hints about Sugriva, stating that “one who is afflicted by a bad dasa will get relief with the help of another who is in a similar state. Rama’s wife was stolen by Ravana and Sugriva’s wife also was taken away by Baali. So both are facing identical problems. Rama is nearing the end of his bad dasa. So also is Sugriva. So their friendship will be beneficial to both of them.”

Muhurta for going to Lanka :

The muhurtha for starting from Kishkindha to Lanka for the battle has been fixed by Shree Rama. He says, “O Sugriva, now the sun is in the mid heaven and the muhurta is Vijaya. So let us start our journey now. Today is Uttaraphalguni star and tomorrow will be Hastha star. Let us start with Monkey/ Vaanar army”.

References to eclipses on important events in Ramayana:

There is a reference to lunar eclipse when Lord Hanuman spots Sita in Ashok Vatika and solar eclipse at the time of war with Khar-Dushan in later half of the 13th year of Shree Ram’s stay in the forests.

Killing of Khar-Dushan :

Valmiki mentioned that it was Amavasya day and planet Mars was in the middle. On one side were Mercury, Venus and Jupiter and on the other side were Sun, Moon and Saturn.

Ravana advised to defeat Lord Rama on Amavasya:

When Meghnath died,Ravana was furiooous and wanted to kill Devi Sita.However,his minister Suparsa advised him, “You get the army ready today, the chaturdasi day of Krishna Paksha. Tomorrow is Amaavasya when you should go to fight Rama to gain victory”. Amaavasya is good for demons and bad for others. Hence Rama finds it very difficult to kill Ravana.

Killing of Ravana and malefic aspect on Vishakha Nakshatra:

Reference of astrological combinations when Ravana get killed: In the description of the battle, Sage Valmiki mentioned, “Vishakha is aspected by Mars from the forth sight while in Pushya”.

Completion of exile:

Shree Ram completed 14 years of exile on Navami of Shukla Paksha in Chaitra month




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