The Beauty of Sun Salutation I Incorporated

Sun Salutation, as known, is a complete exercise that brings calmness, peace, and tranquillity to your inner soul by keeping you physically fit simultaneously. It’s the yoga practise that may look like a small set of 12 asanas but provides an intensive workout to the doer.

The Lockdown period has provided me with moreopportunity to practise this exercise daily. Like any other physical exercise, my body revolted against it in the beginning. I felt pain in every existing muscle to the extent that the thought of leaving the exercise became insistent. But I didn’t give up.

I am a regular practitioner of yoga, meditation, and Surya Namaskar but time limitation never provided me with sufficient opportunity to increase the prayer duration of gratitude towards Sun. Mental calmness and peacefulness are my basic attributes but with regular practise of Surya Namaskar, I felt a more active solar plexus. My energy level became high, I realised that my creativeness and the way to look towards things have changed. I became more intuitive, I have started developing new and easier concepts that helped me in the growth of my profession.

Days and days of the increased count of the exercise made me more accustomed to the complicated asanas. At the physical level, I have more regular breathing and improved metabolism. I lost more weight in weeks than my regular walking habit of years.

Though my sugar level is under control with this exercise I have reduced chances of increasing it in the future. The deep inhalation of oxygen quantity in every asana will protect me from any future heart disease. My Blood pressure is under control and I feel energetic whole day long.

The physical benefits are not restricted in the above compartments, they are endless.

At the spiritual level, I feel more stillness. The asanas helped me to go more deeply into meditation, to solve the new mysteries. I have become more adamant and determinant to benefit people and my patience has increased to the level unknown to me.

I am now more capable to direct the course of my thoughts, use my emotions in a more controlled way, and take appropriate and prompt decisions matching the need of the situation. The mastery over stress and improved memory has changed my thought process. It has made know a new complete me, the part that was not alien because of my regular meditation but was also not very prominent.

The benefits are infinite and it’s not possible to summarise them based on individual experience. But I can motivate you to increase your immunity and ripe the benefits of a healthy body and mind.

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