The Brain and the Backbone of India — Stay Healthy

Every youth in the country wants to do something for the country by joining the most sought after job — Civil Services. But, we all know it’s not that simple. The best and healthy minds get to reach where everybody wants to. The people outside of those corridors can only imagine the power IFS, IAS, IPS, PCS hold, but those people only see the power. Nothing is easy in this world and these jobs are not at all easy. More the power more is the responsibility and related stress that comes with the job. When you imagine the power, you must also imagine the responsibility. Imagine the responsibility of managing a city where millions live, and everybody is not perfect. Every problem finds a responsible person and ultimately an IAS is held responsible. Taking a decision when you know it will affect more than one billion people is not at all easy.

I cannot even imagine the level of stress and work pressure our administrative service people go through. But, I think they need to have a healthy mind and body to perform well because they have to manage the country. Staying positive and well-motivated is the need of the job because anything less will not allow them to function. There are some ways in which they can stay positive and stress-free so that they can take care of our country.

· First and foremost, the power of positive thinking is limitless. As per the rule of economics, no situation is worst. Always think positive and try to breakdown a problem into manageable chunks.

· Eat proper food and seasonal vegetables. Avoid junk food. Your health is very important to us.

· Your attitude is all that matters. A positive attitude is paramount. The way you tackle a problem will define you in your later years. Amidst all negativity and problems, try to stay positive.

· Needless to mention here, but I am sure you feel outside pressure on the matters that you have to deal with. Listen to all, do what you think is right.

· Surround yourself with positive people you love. A healthy and happy atmosphere is very important.

· Regular exercise is important because a healthy mind resides in a healthy body.

· Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin and Endorphins are four chemicals that keep your brain in shape. Doing some charity work, hugging the people you love, feeling pride in your work, and regular exercise will keep your brain happy and healthy for very long.

· Meditate. I cannot stress enough the benefits of meditation that humans can derive from just 20 minutes. From a healthy mind to longer life, the benefits are truly limitless.

We, the citizens of the country, value the work you are doing for us and wish you a healthy life. Stay healthy, stay happy!




Vedic Astro-Numerologist l Karmic Healer l VastuShastri | Spiritual Coach I Sharing Deeper Spiritual Insights With World

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Gkm Astrology - Gajanan Krishna Maharaj

Gkm Astrology - Gajanan Krishna Maharaj

Vedic Astro-Numerologist l Karmic Healer l VastuShastri | Spiritual Coach I Sharing Deeper Spiritual Insights With World

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