What is going to happen on 11th February, 2021

Effects on world

However, apart from this, there might be many repercussions on the global level. There will be big shifts in the power centers all around the world. New super powers will start emerging leaving behind the developed countries. New strategic friendships will take place and old ties may get abandoned.

Effects on India

India has a taurus ascendant chart so the stellium is taking place in 9th house. This grand conjunction of planets will directly aspect the 3rd house of the chart. The 3rd house is the house of neighbors and therefore, the relationship with the neighboring countries will be under severe stress. There might be clashes between India and Pakistan or India and China. During this time, India might also suffer from communal clashes due to enigmatic positions of Rahu and Ketu.But as the stellium is taking place in 9th house, there is an opportunity to flourish and grow under severe stress too. The country will formulate policies to fightback financial and economic ruckus.

What’s the best remedy for this stellium?

The most important remedy for sailing safely through this stellium is embracing practicality. As Saturn, the lord of Capricorn is in the sign itself, you have to be practical regarding life. Imaginations will not work rather adopting to the ground level reality will move mountains. Also, Capricorn wants you to work hard. So you need to toil hard and also exercise preservance. Be patient and don’t rush over things for results. Saturn loves the saying of slow and steady wins the race. Take small steps daily but take steady steps. Steadiness will deepen your foundations and will connect to your roots. This stellium has a hidden message from the cosmos. When the pandemic started, the mula energy was much prevalent with a major eclipse in mula nakshatra. No doubt, we humans have touched the sky but forgot our roots. There is again a message to go slow with patience but make a tremendous effect with each step. So, the choice is yours now. We all have free-will to contemplate and take our decisions within the limits of our Prarabhda karma. So, take a step today!



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