The grand Stellium in Capricorn-Is India heading for face-off with China?

I have already written and made my followers aware about the grand stellium i.e., cluster of 6 planets in the sign of Capricorn. If you are still not aware about this cosmic event, let me explain it to you. On 12th February, a cluster of 6 planets will gather in the sign of Capricorn. The planets involved are Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Mercury, Sun and Moon. The importance of this cosmic event can be known from the fact that two biggest planets and the luminaries are involved in this transit.

Such an event has the capability to create a major turnaround in the world. And If I have to speak particularly about my motherland India, then there are some prominent issues which will entail our attention in the coming days. But before going towards the future, let me take you to the past history.

Many years before in 1962, there was a grand stellium in the sign of Capricorn with planets namely Venus, Sun, Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury and Ketu.The year finally give major jolts to India in form of border tensions with China. Our neighbouring country was trying to expand into our area which led to formation of forward policy. However, things got uglier and finally the Indo-China War broke out in 1962.

If we talk about current situation, Indo-China tussle is just getting worse. The dialogue between the two countries has not shown any results. It seems that China will not pay heed to anyone and move forward with its expansionist nature. Therefore, India will also take necessary steps against China in form of military action or strategic moves. This will paralyze the peace and harmony of the nation. The only difference between the crisis in 2021 vs 1962 can in regard of winner. The celestial movement shows that this time India can have a upper hand in this brawl. However, you should remember that every war has serious repercussions. There is an economic cost allocated to the war. India will have to spend highly on defence equipment and warfare tools. The sentiments of people also get hurt due which financial markets can face a lot of turbulence. India will keep on facing economic stress till the July/August month this year.

In all this chaos as I have recommended before, we should chant the mantra- Om Namo Bhagvate Vasudevaya.This mantra has enormous power to give direction to thoughts. Therefore,the collective chanting of this mantra will bring a lot of divine power to your aura and collective consciousness of the world.

May lord Vishnu bless us all!

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