The most effective remedies for Stellium in Capricorn

We all are talking about the stellium in Capricorn on 11th February, 2021.We have discussed the problems which might come in our way due to this rare transit of planets through the natural 10th house of zodiac i.e., Capricorn. But discussing about a problem doesn’t solve it. So, let’s see some potential solutions which can help us to manage this transit.

The transit is happening in the sign of Capricorn where Saturn and Jupiter are together in nakshatra of Shravana. Therefore, remedies related to Lord Vishnu will bring very good fruits. I will tell you some best and simple remedies which can help us smoothly sail through this transit.

The first and biggest remedy is Vishnu Sahasranam.The main source of Vishnu Sahasranamam is the Anushasana Parva of the Mahabharta. This Vedic hymn contains 1000 names of Lord Vishnu. As Shravana nakshatra contains the energy of matsya avatar of Lord Vishnu, even listening (without knowing the meaning) to 1000 names of lord Vishnu will reap great results. Basically, Vishnu Sahasranam builds a kavach around a devotee which protects him from all kind of obstacles. It will help us built the enormous strength in mind so that we can fight off all odds in life. As the transit is happening through the 10th house, we all may feel hiccups in our career. It can be true for both people in professional field and business. It will help us to make way through the complexities and weave path through difficulties. But remember that reading Vishnu Sahasranam is most effective on Wednesday evening time

The next remedy is chanting of mantra – Om Namo Bhagvate Vasudevaya. Many people ask me while initiating mantra chanting that what should I start with? My advice to all my followers is that in 21st century, this mantra is of high importance. Chanting this mantra will bring you lot of peace, capability to fight off tough situations and blessings of Lord Vishnu. The cosmic vibration of this mantra has a strong effect on our energy system and chakras. It fills our life with lot of positivity and hence our responses to the situations alter with regular chanting. The whole gist of karma theory also stress on the fact that we cant change what happens to us but we can definitely control how we react to them.The regular chanting of this powerful mantra helps us to change the chain of thoughts in our mind and build a beautiful life journey for us.

The last remedy which I will suggest for this stellium is feeding cows. Offering services of Cows help us to transcend from our karmic baggage and live life on higher wave of destiny. The cows also radiate energy which is powerful to attract prosperity and positivity. As mercury is also transiting the sign of Capricorn and it will be transiting through Shravana nakshatra on 11th Feb which is the day for stellium, feeding cows can actually prove to be very effective. This remedy can be done by all members of the family.

At end, I will like to conclude that cobweb of karmic tendencies does have a huge impact on an individual. But with proper guidance and performance of remedies, we can surely bring a change. Performing good today will definitely fruit you good in upcoming life journey and karma.

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