2 min readOct 15, 2021


- Keep your home clean, use bright colors, which attract the good energy of your environment.

- Don’t sleep during the day.

- You should recite Devi Mahatya or Durga Saptashati every day. In case one cannot recite it all in one day, then one chapter per day goes.

- Be sure to visit one temple per day, so each day do a darshan of a new temple, while you are visiting the temple bring flowers, sweets and Kumkum.

- There should be a Ghee Dia burning constantly for nine days and nights and ensure that it is Ghee dia and not oil dia.

- If you have Akhand Jyot or bring Mata home, then every night, just before you go to sleep, sit in front of the Akhand Jyot for 30 minutes in silence, focusing on Mata. This is connecting to the source.

- If you take Mata home, then make sure someone always chants or recites the stotras in front of the main altar until the time you give Shayan to Mata. Don’t ever leave Mata alone.

- Always use the real organic dhoop two times a day instead of the incense stick.

- If you can’t recite most things recite at least the 5th chapter of Durga Saptashati every day with

- On Saptami day, don’t miss offering white flowers with Bel patra, have a fresh look in green accessories, Mata Kaalratri will guard you from problems and negative power.

- On Ashtami day, offer a peacock feather to Maha Gauri, in order to forgive your sins. Don’t sleep during the day. Put red bangles overnight in milk, wear them on Maha Ashtami, you may marry soon.

- On Navami day, invite the girls to eat, keep them happy with food, clothes and gifts, your Venus will start shining.




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