Understanding The Effect Rahu Mahadash: The Shadowy Planet.

2 min readAug 31, 2023

Like any other planet, Rahu has energies that influence native’s lives. Rahu is a shadowy planet, and its Mahadasha lasts for 18 years. It is the period when its energy has full impact and force. However, the effect of Rahu is dependent on the individual horoscope.

Following are the general effects of Rahu on its native: – Natives may desire more marital success. Confidence and assertiveness may become part and parcel of their character, and they may face challenges in their relationships. Health may deteriorate. But they may become inclined towards spirituality. They may get travel opportunities and get to explore and learn.

  • Natives under Rahu Mahadasha manipulate stories and situations so others believe in them.
  • Natives like to gamble or do acts that give easy money without much effort.
  • Rahu, by nature, is a greedy planet. As a result, it desires success without much hard work. It encourages its natives to take shortcuts and risks to earn money.
  • Rahu gives his native good intuition power. Natives become good at guessing and judging and can even think of any action beforehand.
  • Rahu provides an illusion that people believe.
  • Rahu’s natives can not be trusted. Given a chance, they will cheat you. Rahu also makes its natives curious, and they like to gather information about others.
  • Natives have natural spy talent. They can easily disguise their feelings and cover their actions. Like Chameleon, they change faces and views as per the situation.
  • Rahu encourages to make more wealth. Therefore, people with good wealth have strong Rahu.
  • Rahu makes natives owner of their will. They do not like rules and regulations. Its natives are inclined towards inter-caste marriages.
  • Natives are attracted towards material things. They deise wealth to the extent that they may follow the wrong path.




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