Vedic Muscial Wedding – A musical Journey

“Being deeply in love with someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” – Lao Tzu

Marriages are solemnization of eternal love. They are the pathways to new life where a mixture of feelings embraces us -love, responsibilities, excitement etc. Our Indian culture have always given special importance to marriages. No doubt, in this era of modernization, a marriage has become more of a red-carpet show. But still the heart of Indian parents has not changed! The importance of relationships is still the same!

However, the changing attitude of younger generation is a cause of worry for foundation of relationships. The migration of younger generation to far off places for livelihood, education and better career has drained our cultural wealth. Our upcoming generation is not well-versed about the rituals and the deeper meaning behind celebrating it. Therefore, celebrating marriages as an important cultural function should be our topmost priority.

Keeping in mind the demand of current times, we have devised the concept of VEDIC MUSICAL WEDDINGS. Our Vedic musical weddings are a combination of mesmerizing music coupled with Vedic mantras. We explain the reasoning behind each and every ritual while performing it. This gives the marriage altogether a deeper meaning. The current generation is able to connect with the ideology behind our traditions. In addition to it, we sing plethora of lookgeets exclusively collected by our team our different parts of India. Our band of musicians and singers makes your marriage a memorable event. In addition to all this, we take care of all marriage rituals along with the Samagri (things used in marriage rituals).

Our mission is to transform your marriage into a meaningful cultural event where whispers of Vedic wisdom can be heard. We want to form a bridge between the two generations by fulfilling our mission. If you are also advocate of vedic marriages, please spread a word about us!

For knowing more about our vedic musical weddings, you can e-mail us at

You can also WhatsApp us at 9966667290, 8985195822 for enquiries.

We are accepting limited bookings for April-May-June & July 2021 wedding Season for this revolutionary Vedic marriage idea. If you want to make your daughters or sons marriage special with our Vedic musical wedding concept, do connect with us.

Gajanan Astrology is a product of Pt. Gajanan Krishna Ji Maharaj who is 9th in his lineage to serve the mankind with mindful remedies for healing inner sanctums of painful karmas responsible for blockages in present birth. Feel free to connect with Maharaj Ji for astrological consultations in all areas of life. You can also send feedbacks and enquires on the above contact numbers.



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