Venus transit Pisces — 17th March 2021

5 min readMar 14, 2021


The love is in the air!

The month of spring is all set to take a romantic turn with the planet of love transiting to its favorite place i.e., sign of Pisces. Venus is exalted in this sign which is also 12th house of zodiac. Venus will move into this sign on 17th March, 2021 at 2:49 am. It will remain in this sign till 10th April, 2021.This short visit of Venus in Pisces will give you a chance to mend old relationships and start afresh with lot of affection and love in heart.

Many people think Venus to be a planet of sensual pleasures and fancy things. But have you ever wondered why it is most comfortable in the natural 12th house of the chart?12th house is related to spirituality and moksha. It is the houses for sages and monks. In reality, this indicates that unparalled devotion and tapas can lead to achievement of your spiritual goals. This also highlights that Venus has lot to do with spirituality which is complete contrast to our perception which says Venus is all about materiality. If you want love and affection to blossom in your life, you have to appreciate the spiritual element first. Now during this transit, Venus will be in conjunction of Sun which makes it combust. Therefore, some significations of Venus may suffer. Mercury will also join Sun and Venus on 1st April,2021 bringing altogether a different flavour to this transit. Here mercury will be debilitated but it will get neechbhanga raj yoga due to placement of Venus.

Let’s have a look that how this transit will impact our ascendants/moon-signs:


Venus is the lord of 2nd and 7th house which is going to 12th house. As 7th lord is exalted, you can experience in marriage and other love relationships. You may do expenditure on foreign and spiritual tours. Expenses can go on higher side, be watchful of them. Indulging in sensual pleasures will bring dis-repute and health issues, therefore refrain.


The lagna lord Venus is getting exalted in the 11th house of gains. This period will be quite lucky for you in terms of finances. You will be respected in your personal and professional circles. Students will excel in their studies. Its good time to seek alliances as the karaka for marriage is exalted in 11th house. However, be alert about health as 11th house is 6th from 6th house and it has potential to create health related afflictions.


Venus, the great friend of your ascendant lord mercury is transiting the house of profession. Mercury is currently residing in Aquarius. Your creative pursuits in performing arts and media will find a huge success during this period. A very positive domestic environment will pave the way for happiness and contentment. You may get foreign contracts or may get some foreign assignments which will give you major boost.


Venus is transiting your 9th house and making a very strong Dhana Yoga. It indicates that you will reap a lot of benefits including name, fame and money in society. It is the best time for inner happiness and satisfaction. Students can move abroad for higher education. Also, it is favorable time for Devi Upasana.


The transit of Venus from your 8th house can bring monetary benefits from spouse or in laws. But keep a tap on your sensual pleasures as 8th house Venus may give power to your inner desires. You might face some challenges in your profession. Also, conjunction of sun with Venus can give rise to some self-doubt issues leading to low-confidence.


Venus, the lord of fortunes and finances will go into the house of marriage. It symbolises the gains reaped through the partnerships during this time. Also, you can expect lot of bonding and affectionate moments with your partner. This is a great time to leverage your name and fame for business opportunities.


Venus transiting 6th house of debts and diseases is signalling to take good care of health as one may get issues related to skin, cold and cough. Take care of your diet and consider going to gym regularly. Take care of your expenses too as it is directly aspecting 12th house. This transit can however be a smooth ride for relationships with minimal conflicts and thorough support.


Venus, the lord of 7th and 12th house transits through the sign of love, romance, past deeds and progeny i.e your 5th house. It is the best time to start a new romantic relationship. Going for a beach side dinner or a movie will add colours to your relationship. One can also initiate itself in mantra chanting through the help of the guru. Mainly, chanting devi mantras will reap us best fruits.


Venus is going to give you lot of comfort and luxury in your home environment. It is best time to buy a new house. There can be a small family get together or event which can help ou to relive past memories and enjoy moments during this phase. The time is also good for spouse social and professional elevation as Venus is transiting 10th house from the 7th house.


Venus, the yoga karaka planet ruling over 5th and 10th house is transiting 3rd house of efforts, entrepreneurship and communication. Its best time to undertake short trips and fulfil your travelling goals. Also, you will experience great time with your loved ones especially siblings. You can also pursue your creative pursuits such as music, dance, painting, acting as 3rd house is the house of putting efforts. And with Venus placed here, even opening a small startup related to beauty products, hair solutions and dress materials will reap best fruits.


Venus is a yogakaraka planet and is transiting through house of finances & family. Your major focus will be earning wealth and spending quality time with family. You may get in contact of your distant relatives during this time during a family function or meetup.


Venus is transiting your moon sign or ascendant itself bringing lot of charm to your personality. The transit is favorable for finances, research work and profession. You can spend quality moments with your spouse. However, take care of your health as Venus is 8th lord and its transit over ascendant can trigger new diseases.

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