Vishwaghasra Paksha – Prediction For (Trayodashi – 13 day fortnight)

Vishwaghasra Paksha will take place from September 8 to September 20, 2021, as determined after the meticulous observation of the dates of Vikram Samvat 2078. Holy Scriptures describe the effect of this lunation as terrible, harmful, and inauspicious. The short period is called a ‘Vishwaghasra Paksha’of the lunar month and, it indicates terrible events & manslaughter! One such occurrence was in Kartik month of 1941, resulting in a tremendous human loss in Second World War. Generally, after mathematical calculation of sun and moon, Krishna Paksha or Shukla Paksha (lunar fortnight) in the Indian calendar gets 14, 15, or 16 days. In the case of the waning of a day, a fortnight gets 14 days.

Increment of a day, where the increase of period is for more than 24 hours where a tithi stretches to another day, the fortnight period gets of 16 days. Where there is no increase or decrease in the period, the fortnight gets 15 days. A fortnight gets 13 days, after precise calculation of sun and moon, due to waving to two days, and it is called Vishwaghasra fortnight. In the Mahabharata time, there were two such back to back Vishwaghasra Pakshas, and it is a rare event. Many scriptures mention the inauspicious and terrible effects of this Vishwaghasra fortnight.

“Anekyug Sahasrayaad Daivyogaat Prajayate,

Trayodashdine Pakshah Tada Sanharte Jagat.” – Megh Mahoday.

Bhavellok Kshayo Ghoro Rund Mund Malayuta Mahi.

Trayodah Dinah Paksho Bhaved Varshasht Kantare,

Tada Nagar Bhangah Syat Chhatrabhango Maharghata.”

After this Paksha, a civil war can break out against the taliban rule in Afghanistan. India May see high tensions on its northern border too. Holy scriptures have forbidden marriage, mundan (shaving head of a child), house warming, upanayana (janeau) and other auspicious ceremonies in this fortnight of 13 days.

As per Jyotirnibandha-

“Upnayanam Parinayanam Veshmarambhadi Karmani,

Yatram Dwikshay Pakshe Kuryat

Na Jijeevishu Purushah.”

“Abdayanartu Masotathah Pakshatithyariksh Sambhva,

Te Sarve Nashmayanti Kendra Sansthe Subhgrahe.”

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