What is Dhanteras? Is it Related to Dhanwantari Devta?

Do you know who the God of Dhanteras is? Dhanteras belongs to Dhanwantari Devta – the God of Ayurveda and health. We celebrate Dhanteras in honour of God Dhanwantari. On this day, God Dhanwantari emerged from the ocean with the pot of nectar (Amrit).

Initially, Dhanteras was known as Dhanwantari Trayodashi. So how come the festival of health turned into a festival of wealth? As we know, that Triyodashi falls on the 13th day of the lunar cycle of Kartik month and with time, the name changed to Dhanteras. The fact is that Dhan means wealth, and Teras means the 13th day. But this day is neither associated with Lakshmi Ji nor Kuber.

Scriptures don’t mention buying gold or kitchen utensils on this day but again things have changed over time. Ideally, if one buys a health insurance plan on this day then it would be much more advisable. Why? Because ‘Health is wealth’. And if you ignore your health then all the materialistic things and wealth are useless to you. You cannot buy health from all your wealth.

Dhanteras is the day to cleanse. Cleaning does not only mean that of our house and surroundings, but it also means cleaning of our minds and thoughts. With the change of weather, the bacterias present in our surroundings affect our health adversely. But when we clean our surroundings, then we are ensuring our good health.

For good health and long life, light the Diya on an earthen pot in the south direction of your house. It will please Yamraj and prevent untimely departure from earth. I am not against the purchase of gold on Dhanteras, but my emphasis is that take care of health.



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