What is the Reality — Pre -Post Corona

Today morning it occurred to me that has this corona pandemic only gave us the frustration, hopelessness, confinement within our home boundaries? Or, now it is the time to stop and think? Think about our life pre and post corona.

Before the outbreak of the disease, we were so much engrossed in the daily hectic life that we forgot to spend the quality ‘me’ time. We forgot who we really are and what we desire most in life. Life became a rat race where everyone came between us and our success. We easily eliminated the difference between our success and our loved ones. We made our self believe that with success we can purchase happiness for those we care about but we forgot an important fact that happiness is not the slave of success, it lies in small things.

Let me tell you an example. I agree that hard work is a necessity in today’s hectic professional world but what kind of world we are giving to our children? A world where best friends of our children are electronic gadgets and strangers from the internet? Such friends will never stand with them in their hour of need. At their tender age, we are giving them gadgets so that we get some free time for ourselves. This way we are creating a gap, a distance, an endless pit between ourselves and our children. As a result, loneliness has become our only ally.

This Corona pandemic has made us realize that when we are connected with real-life friends and family we are at mental peace. It has also highlighted a fact that we humans are the real problem, and when we are confined inside our homes, the rivers and water streams have become clear to the extent that we could see the fishes swimming. Animals are feeling secure to roam around and even death due to road accidents, mental stress and various diseases like heart attack have reduced. There is a considerable decrease in pollution level and even Nature is happy.

The world is moving, life is moving. Then why are we so keen to destroy our existence and happiness. Can’t we sit back and leave the work stress at work itself? Can’t we enjoy the company of our loved ones and Mother Nature? Isn’t it the greatest happiness that we all sitting eating food together? The darkest hour is near the dawn.



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