Which Faced Rudraksh Gives what benefit

1 Faced – Sun – Health, success, reputation, self-confidence, spirituality, happiness, sudden financial gains, development of personality, victory over enemies, good for rulers, administrators, kings and immense power.

2 Faced – Moon – Marital happiness, mental peace, contentment, good luck, concentration of mind, spiritual progress, and harmony in the family, business, and good for females.

3 Faced – Mars – Victory over enemies, removal of blood related diseases.

4 Faced – Mercury – Education, knowledge, intelligence, spiritual and discrimination, concentration, expression, communication skills.

5 Faced – Jupiter – Physical, Mental and spiritual strength, mental peace and happiness.

6 Faced – Venus – Love life, sexual power, attraction, strong memory, sharp intellect, accomplishment of tasks and amazing success in business.

7 Faced – Saturn – Removes malefic effects of Saturn, attainment of wealth, glory and victory, success in business.

8 Faced – Rahu – Eliminates diseases, obstacles & malefic effects of Rahu, enhances knowledge and concentration of mind, victory in legal issues, protection from accidents and enemies, success in business, brings progress in life.

9 Faced – Ketu – Mental peace, success in business, protects from sudden death and fear of accidents, and removes malefic effects of Ketu.

10 Faced – Lord Mahaveer – success in area of work, enhancement of stability, reputation, glory, wealth, fulfillment of material and spiritual desires.

11 Faced – Lord lndra – financial gains and prosperous life, does not remain any deficiency of desired object and all troubles get eradicated.

12 Faced – Lord Vishnu – Foreign travel, power, position, leadership quality, pleasure, removes physical and mental pain and brings all comforts and luxuries.

13 Faced – Lord India – Symbol of cupid, good for attraction, pleasure, fulfillment of desires, attainment of glory, status, wealth, love, beauty.

14 Faced – Saturn – Good for spiritual progress, power, authority, glory, name and fame, wealth, symbol of cupid.

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