Who can learn Astrology.?

2 min readJul 7, 2021

Astrology is, no doubt, mysterious and abstruse. It deals with the relation of the Planets in the Heavens and the occurren-ces on the Earth.

  1. The students of astrology have to acquire sufficient, knowledge in astronomy.
  2. They have to be good in elementary mathematics. They can’t afford to commit any mistake in their calculations.
  3. They should be capable of preparing the horoscopes accurately using the correct Ephemeris or by using Drikalmanacs alone. For Ayanamsa they will find that which is published in this book is useful and correct.
  4. They have to study various books on astrology pub-lished by scholars and also the original ones propounded by our sages.
  5. They have to think, think and think, analyse, under-stand the spirit of the rules and apply. They will come to the decision that the stellar astrology is the best, most simple and astoundingly accurate.
  6. Fulfilled and unfulfilled predictions are to be recorded.
  7. When a prediction comes true by adopting certain principles, one has to follow the same.
  8. Also one is to find out what modification is needed for such a method which failed. One need not be discouraged by failures to start with. No child can run a race without falling down many a time while at-tempting to walk in infancy. No cyclist by himself lea. n cycling without any scratches and bruises on his body. If any experienced cyclist were to assist him while learning he may avoid injuries. So also a Guru, by the side of the student who predicts, will guide and correct him whenever necessary. This gives zeal to the student as he comes out successful.
  9. Study circles and astrological groups are to be formed, to discuss various problems and clear doubts.
  10. One has to predict after thoroughly understanding the querist’s temperament.
  11. There are some who do not like to hear evil. Even is such cases, the astrologer should mention the evil but express it in a very mild form. Doe’s not a physician give sugar-coated pills to the patient who dislikes bitter medicine. He gives the medicine all right; but does not allow him to feel the bitterness.




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