Who will emerge as a winner in this INDO-CHINA fight-Comparison with 1962 war

The current ongoing border crisis with China is getting worsen day by day. India has already started tightening its seat belt to tackle the dragon in best way. The first Indo Chinese war took place in 1962 between 20th October and 21st November. India lost this war to china. You might have a question in mind today that what will happen if India china border tension escalates. We are comparing the planetary conditions of 1962 war and current time which show stark differences.

The ascendant lord Venus was in the sign of Scorpio initially but it retrograded back to libra in 6th house. This shows the inherent weaknesses in our countries approach at that time to tackle China. Sun who is the karaka for governments and leadership is debilitated in 6th house. This shows that the top leadership i.e. central govt. was not able to take bold steps and didn’t perform their duty well in showing direction to the country. Mars was also debilitated in 3rd house. Mars is the planet which rules warfare and courage. The debilitation of mars makes the soldier week and hence it affects victory in wars. No doubt, India lost the war.

Let’s look at the current transit chart of India. Mars, the soldier and planet representing warfare is present in 11th house. This house represents the gains and desires of the person. It is also an upchaya and placement of mars can lead to success in all pursuits. Now, the yoga karaka planet Saturn who is lord of 9th and 10th house is placed in 9th house. This shows slow success but definite success. India will have to slowly block China by giving strong response on borders and blocking their companies to sell and make revenues in India too.

The ascendant lord Venus is retrograde in 1st house. The strong ascendant lord can be especially beneficial for bringing down and morale of the opponent and they can get confused due to strong actions of India.The 4th lord of India’s chart Sun is powerfully conjunct mercury and rahu in 2nd house. Now, this is a tricky placement as 2nd house is maraka too. But it is a positive placement for sun as it forms 3–11 yoga with its own house. The current planetary positions clearly show that we will emerge as a winner if India gets into violent clash with China.

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