Why people call us – Techy Pandit Ji ?

2 min readNov 25, 2020


What’s so special about us? Why people love us? Why we have better connectivity with our clients? People call us Techy Pandit Ji because our office and we are Tech Savvy. We do not follow the outdated rules pen and paper for everything instead we like to be updated.

Today is the era of technology, the era where if you want to connect with today’s generation then you should be Tech- Savvy. We know how to make our youth believe in our traditions. We know how to connect with them. We create a fusion of technology and tradition!

People refer to us as Techy Pandit Ji because -

❖ We believe that God and Goddess see the intention, so when we use gadgets we make people understand the meaning behind our customs in a better and effective way.

❖ We converse in a language that people understand easily.

❖ We connect with all the people including those who are not present at the occasion physically and cannot witness the occasion.

❖ Our activeness on social media platforms makes the special event of people more special. When we publish the photographs of their special ceremony then they feel like a celebrity.

We love when people call us Techy Pandit Ji because we feel that our motive of making today’s generation understand the truth behind our tradition is fulfilled. When we make people understand the truth behind Vedas in modern & scientifically proven ways, then it gives us an elated feeling, a feeling of attainment.

We are thankful to all those people who believe in our ways. Your faith makes us more dedicated.




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