Why we are not feeling inspired while doing Bhakti & Chanting?

“Sometimes we may be going on in our practicing [spiritual] life, but feel that we are not progressing. We may be engaged in service and chanting the Lord’s Holy Name, but feel that our faith is not becoming stronger, joy is not coming into our heart, and our mind is not being fulfilled by our devotional mood. At that time, we must try to get the association of a good Vaishnava (saintly servant of God). We must search for a real practitioner who is practicing Krishna’S bhalti twenty-four hours a day and get his/her association.

Sadhu-sanga [associating with saintly persons] means associating with the sadhu [saintly person] like he/she is our own relative, associating with him/her in an affectionate, regardful way. This means giving to him/her (gifts, ingredients for service, etc.), feeding him, asking him questions, taking his advice, etc. Through this type of affectionate association with the sadhu and by his/her mercy, we will be able to understand and feel why we are not inspired in our practicing life. If there is any offensive mood within us, the good association of the sadhu will clean it up. The association of a great sadhu can melt our hard heart and inspire us with a mood of real dedication and devotion. When we see the sadhu engaged in the Lord’s service twenty-four hours a day, our hearts will become joyful and we will feel much inspiration to follow him/her and connect with the devotional plane ourselves.

Devotion is so sweet, and gradually in the finest, most affectionate, and lovely way, it will reveal itself in our heart by the grace of the Lord’s devotee.”



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