Women’s : Save your Life Force

Virility. Life Force. Inner strength. What are these? These are the terms given for your life force. Is life force important? Yes, it is very important. More so in women. The quality of life force in men is directly related to the semen and its quality. But what about women? Similar to semen in men, the ovum is the life force in women. And as nature has provided, the ovum is limited. Ovum is the life force in a woman that is used at the time of conception, and it is common knowledge that pregnancy is very hard on the health of a woman.

Although the life force, the ovum, does not comes out of the body but it does come out of the ovaries where it stays giving energy to the life force. Once used for conception, the numbered stock is depleted, thereby depleting the life force in the women. Repeated reduction of this life force and the strain that pregnancy has on the health of women, reduce their strength, beauty, and grace along with their youth and mental power. The lustre and sparkle of young and healthy eyes start to fade which indicates the reduction of inner strength and life force.

The mindless act of losing ovum is not only strenuous on the body but also very harmful for the nervous system in the long run. Women have a more delicate body system hence they are more affected in comparison to men.

Lifeforce is precious, like men, women too should preserve it for long and healthy life. Our scriptures and Ayurveda speaks at length about preserving the life force in the human body. #Meditation is an act that increases life force. Include Meditation in your daily life to live a more healthy life!



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