Work from Home — Things to Remember

2 min readSep 2, 2020

Covid-19 pandemic has put us in an unprecedented situation. There are no guidelines provided, no predetermined rules to follow, nothing to look up to, but we are humans and we know how to tackle an emergency, we know how to convert a disaster into an opportunity. Below are some of the things that you can follow to keep yourself healthy and happy.

Give yourself time: As you are forced to work from home, why not utilise this time to brush off your hobbies? I am sure you wanted to do a lot of things that you couldn’t due to lack of time. Now is the chance. Don’t use too much social media but give more time to speak to your friends.

Health: Health is the most important thing you can care for during this pandemic. While working, keep proper posture; don’t forget to walk at regular intervals. Step outside for a minimum of 30 minutes, even if it’s your patio or balcony. Pollution level is very low, so utilise this time to fill your lungs with pure air. Eat proper food and do exercise daily, at least for half an hour.

Work Schedule: Prepare a schedule then stick to it. Work and life both are priorities. Some day the lockdown will be lifted and the world will function as before, make sure you can work as before. Follow regular work hours and routine.

Workplace: Assign a workplace in your home. Don’t just work from a sofa or bed; rather use a table and chair.

Morning Routine: Meaningful morning routine is very important. Keep lethargy away to keep yourself healthy.

Time Management: Time management is very important because you are at home now and there is a tendency to postpone things that you think less important. Nothing is unimportant.

Meditation: The benefits of meditation are not just limited to your physical health. If you meditate regularly, you shall soon feel the benefits in your physical and mental health. I have written many articles on meditation, you may browse and read.

Spirituality: Deep-rooted trees are seldom uprooted. Find time to quench the thirst of your soul. Being spiritual doesn’t mean becoming religious. You have been given a second chance to bring your health back on track, use it.




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