Gemstones are one of the most powerful tools in Vedic astrology to harness powerful cosmic energies of planets in our life. Every planet has a gemstone associated with it and that gemstone strongly radiates its energies. An experienced astrologer can identify the best gemstones to boost positive energies by seeing your horoscope.

Yellow sapphire is deemed as a gemstone for planet Jupiter, the major karaka for wealth, education, marriage (for girls), finances, dharma etc. Jupiter is the most benevolent planet and benefic placement of Jupiter can give you lot of happiness in life. Yellow sapphire can increase the positive energy of Jupiter in your life which will ensure success and prosperity in all life events. It also minimizes hurdles in our path and makes life much smoother. Jupiter is the biggest planet in the solar system and has a distinct feature of expansion. We can sync our life with the expansive properties of Jupiter through Pukhraj and grow our business,career,finances etc.

Benefits of wearing Pukhraj

  1. It increases the concentration and grasping power of students, thus helping them to excel in academics.

2. It increases the confidence level and enhances the communication skills of the person.

3. It will help your business grow and save it from any losses.

4. It attracts prosperity in life and blesses an individual with multiple sources of income.

5. Your overall personality will become vibrant and you will attract a plethora of good opportunities in both career & personal life.

6. Jupiter represents manager field and people who are desirous of making career as an administrator should always receive blessings of this planet by wearing this gemstone.

7. Jupiter also saves you from life threatening diseases and chronic illnesses in life.

You should always take consultation of an experienced astrologer who can dig deeper into your chart and recommend you a suitable gemstone before wearing any gemstone. For personalized consultations related to relationships, career, business, children, Marriage, Job, education etc, contact us at 9966667290, 8985195822.




Vedic Astro-Numerologist l Karmic Healer l VastuShastri | Spiritual Coach I Sharing Deeper Spiritual Insights With World

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Gkm Astrology - Gajanan Krishna Maharaj

Gkm Astrology - Gajanan Krishna Maharaj

Vedic Astro-Numerologist l Karmic Healer l VastuShastri | Spiritual Coach I Sharing Deeper Spiritual Insights With World

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