Zodiac Wise Predictions For 21 June 2020, Solar Eclipse

Ascendant/Moon Sign wise predictions for eclipse


3rd house of horoscope is getting affected. Depending upon the planetary placements in your chart especially planets placed in 3rd & 9th houses and the ongoing dasha, the overall results of the eclipse can be determined. However, you might witness short travels after eclipse if dasha is favorable. It is also house of courage therefore starting new ventures after the eclipse can be good.

Remedy- Keep fast on Tuesday and chant Aditya Hrudyam strotam if Sun is afflicted in your natal chart.


The eclipse is taking place in your 2nd house-family, finances, culture, wealth accumulation etc.2nd house is artha trikona and favorable dashas can give you good career opportunity. Rahu can open up new opportunities but can also give rift in family. Don’t take hasty financial decisions without proper research. You may face huge losses if you don’t take care of your financials at this time.

Remedy- Chant Hare Krishna Mahamantra


Rahu is transiting your Lagna and therefore the eclipse is happening in your ascendant only. There may be opportunities to explore life by meeting new people and new expectations. You may learn new things and if you are going through dasha of planets symbolizing 2nd,6th and 10th house, then advancements in careers may be there. Take care of your health and don’t let hasty thoughts spoil your beautiful mindset. Bad impact on married life can be witnessed.



Its best time to concentrate on your inner self as the eclipse is happening in 12th house. Spend some time in isolation or meet spiritual people. You might waste a lot of money and incur huge expenditures.

Remedy- Chant the name of SRI RAMA or simply chant Hare Krishna Mahamantra.


This eclipse is happening in 11th house. You may get unexpected results especially if you are running dashas of 8th house. You may get opportunities to make new friends and profit from them. Its best time to make life-long connections. It’s good for professional and financial life. You can witness steep rise in profits. It’s good for your children and there may get huge success in their life.

Remedies- Fast on Sundays and chant Hare Krishna mahamantra. Donate from your extra income.


This eclipse is happening in your 10th house of career. Sun and Rahu conjunction in the 10th house works very well. There can be enormous opportunities in your professional life. You may get a very good job or you can start a new venture which might become very successful. You will get quick success but you should not become too obsessed about your success.

Remedy- Chant OM Namo Bhagvate Vasudevaya


The eclipse is happening in 9th house which is not good. You should remain away from disputes and don’t do anything against law.9th house represents father and this eclipse is happening in 9th house. Take blessings of your parents and avoid any conflicts with them.

Remedy- Chant OM NAMO NARAYANA and also read Srimad bhagvatam (By Dongrey Ji)


Your 8th house is getting affected. You may get injured in any accident. Avoid harsh driving or don’t indulge yourself in any risky activity. The time is not good for you.8th house transits bring misfortunes and unexpected results. As a major eclipse is happening in 8th house, the next 6 months might be challenging for you and bring major failures.

Remedy: Read ‘Bhagavat Gita’ for channelizing your energies in best manner.


Your 7th house is getting affected. This may affect the health of your spouse. There may be strained relationships with spouse. You should not initiate any new business otherwise you may face mental strain. If dashas are favorable, multiple opportunities can open up in area of relationship and business. You need to show commitment in relationship.

Remedy- Chant Hare Krishna Mahamantra and Vishnu Sahasranama. Fasting on Mondays can be helpful.


It is happening in your 6th house and therefore you may expect favorable results.6th house represents Job and service. You may get a new job during this period. Think positively.6th house also shows prarabhda karma and day to day activities. So follow your routine properly.

Remedy — Om Namo Bhagvate Shri Vaamnaya.


Your 5th house is getting affected. There can be some serious issues related to children, progeny, pregnant woman, education etc. Pregnant ladies might face abortions. Children might face losses. You may suffer losses in business. Take care of your children well. Your mind may get disturbed and you may go in depression.

Remedy- Chant Hare Krishna Mahamantra and fast on Wednesdays


As 4th house is getting affected, domestic disputes may happen. Your home environment will not be peaceful and repeated quarrels can affect you. Keep control on your tongue and don’t say bad words to anyone. Otherwise you may to regret your words later. Don’t go for any long term investments. Avoid harsh driving as you may incur some accident.

Remedy- Chant Om Namo Narayana.

Its my request to all my friends to follow the path of Dharma amidst this crisis. Eclipses are indications of future happenings and you can earn a lot of merit by donating and chanting mantras during eclipse.



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